Christian eschatology

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  • Holy Cities Research Paper

    Religion in a country can have great meaning and power in cities across the global. A holy city can be seen as a symbolic city, representing attributes beyond its natural characteristics. Holy cities included many different types of church structures that would be almost as powerful as the castle itself. The church was typically one the largest visible building seen across the land. Churches in these cities were grand and elegant, and showed dominance in the town. They can be described as the…

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  • Today's Quote Analysis

    refuse to obey or listen to what God is telling you. You are always right and everyone else is wrong. God only talks to you and no one else. Like a stone, you no longer have a way to hear from God, even when you think you do. How can a loving christian even talk to a stone…

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  • God We Trust Quotes

    Hi Peeps, Today's Quote "United we stand in Love, helping each other, communicating without competing for vanity, vain glory and excessive profits, so that you may not loose your soul to greed." ~ Jon Barnes United We Must Conversation is not a competition of the minds but a melting of God's will in and through us to help out our brothers and sisters, to find peace, and understand the direction of God. In God We Trust is a focus of MUST within the framework of our daily duties and chores.…

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  • Sacrificial System Discussion Paper

    OT2100-Week Three-Sacrificial System Discussion God is holy, and the sacrificial system was the means by which God ordained for the people to atone for their sins and remain in right relationship with Him. According to Victor P. Hamilton (2015), “The first seven chapters are devoted to a description of the sacrifices ordained by God that bear on the perpetuation of the relationship of humankind with God. Worship without sacrifice is inconceivable. Wherever sin has driven a wedge between God…

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  • St Luke Research Paper

    Saint Luke the evangelist was very faithful to God and helped a lot of people learn about God. Saint Luke was one of the four Gospel writers. His Gospel is the second longest out of the four. His gospel has my favorite story which is the Good Samaritan. His gospel taught about the love and faithfulness of Jesus Christ. It also talks about salvation history. He also divides the history of the first century Christianity into three stages which the gospel talks about two of the three. Saint Luke…

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  • Individualism Worldview Analysis

    As Christians we are supposed strive to be like Jesus. This worldview believes Jesus died on the cross to save themselves instead of saving the world. The people with this worldview believes worth is based upon self-satisfying accomplishments. Within an individualism…

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  • Saint Francis Of Assisi Research Paper

    Saint Francis of Assisi, San Francesco d’Assisi. Sait Francis was baptized Giovanni, renamed and the renamed Fancesco; his original name was Francesco di Pietro di Bernardone. Saint Frances was born in1181/82 in Italy. He dies on October third in the year of 1226 in a Assisi, Italy. He was canonized as a saint on July 16, 1228; his feast day is October fourth. In his life time he was founder of three difference organizations: the Franciscan orders of the Friars Minor (Ordo Fratrum Minorum), the…

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  • Uneducated Brethren Analysis

    This quote by C.S. Lewis makes it clear that Christian scholars have a responsibility to protect what C.S. Lewis refers to as “our uneducated brethren” (Eckel, 14). This raises two additional questions, first, who are these uneducated brethren? The future is predicated on the past. As Dr. Eckel (p. 6) notes, it is impossible to say why a person or group of people exists without simultaneously remembering why. This suggests that the uneducated brethren include those who have forgotten the past…

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  • Early Gospel Book

    The Gospel book is an important way to spread the Christian culture. The early Gospel books were all artificially handwritten due to the limitations in printing technology. These early Gospel books not only contain the text of the Bible, but also the colorful hand-painted pictures to help people interpret it and visually communicate with the Christian spirit. These works are very delicate and valuable, and they are an important part of early Christian art. However, these artificial hand-painted…

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  • Christ Figure In The Grapes Of Wrath

    Through Christ Through history, many have turned to Christ to aid themselves or gain a better understanding of a situation and Steinbeck did exactly that. In The Grapes of Wrath, the author John Steinbeck portrays the struggle and quest of a family during the Dust Bowl. Throughout the novel, there is a vast amount of religious parallels through copious characters. Whether it be through The Virgin Mary, Jesus Christ or Moses, the relation of Christ figures to the characters are used a fair…

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