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  • What Does Paul Teach Shilemon

    There are 13 books in the bible in which Paul is thought to have been the author of. Of the books that he wrote, Philemon is the shortest. Despite the book being the shortest, it is one of the most interesting books that Paul wrote in my opinion. The reason for this interest is some of the backstory, and the lesson Paul is trying to teach Philemon. The situation that the letter originates from begins with Philemon owning a slave named Onesimus. One thing lead to another, and Onesimus escaped…

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  • Zealot: The Life And Times Of Jesus Of Nazareth

    Jesus Christ: a celestial, heavenly figure shrouded in our contemporary culture as a peaceful prophet whose sole purpose was divine salvation. This representation of Jesus that has permeated throughout history is entirely wrong in Aslan’s perspective. Aslan portrays Jesus as a politically conscious revolutionary who in fact supported violence to a certain extent. Now when Aslan’s critically detested words entered my mind, like most self-proclaimed critics, I mocked this man for his asininity.…

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  • Eastern Orthodox Religions

    Eastern Orthodox is a large religion in which its faith is based on the first seven ecumenical counsels; the word “orthodox” literally means “right believing”. The origin of the word orthodox was used by Christians who speak Greek to differentiate between those who follow the faith perfectly and those who were under fire for heresy, someone who go against religious truth. Orthodoxy formed from Greek speaking branch of the Roman Empire. Long before The Great Schism in 1054, the East and West…

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  • Sacred Places Research Paper

    A common consensus of a sacred place is that it encompasses a physical place. This place is a designated area where we are free to worship, release the burdens of life and verbally or physically communicate with God. More importantly, sacred places are said to be places of healing and spiritual development. As with any natural living process, organisms grow and change in sync with a rapidly evolving environment. This can be vaguely applied to the concept of sacred places which is mainly…

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  • Chapter 1 Corinthians: Chapter Analysis

    1 Corinthians is Paul’s letter to the Corinthian church in Greece that takes on both an admonishing and encouraging tone. Though there are many themes throughout this book, chapter 15 zooms in on one main topic: the resurrection. The church’s beliefs had started to become infused with the culture’s beliefs and they had begun to doubt the truth of the Resurrection. In this chapter, Paul tries to combat this, simultaneously answering several worldview questions. The first and most prominent…

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  • Can Jesus Sign Hannah Lewis Analysis

    experiences of oppressed people construct perceptions of Christ. One theologian she particularly engages with is womanist theologian Jacquelyn Grant, and Grant’s example of how “the ‘Christ symbol’ has been reconstructed in the past, by ordinary Christians to be transformative rather than oppressive” (Lewis 140). This language of Christ as a symbol has appeared in many of our class reading so far this semester. While it seems to be a significant idea for much of liberationist theology (including…

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  • Bethany Baptist Church Reflection Paper

    In 2016, Bethany Baptist Church celebrates eighty-four years of ministry in the Highlands area of Louisville. The church’s peak membership of more than 1,100 people occurred in the 1970’s, during the ministry of the senior pastor with the longest tenure at Bethany—a tenure of twenty-four years. From 1986 to 2010, the church saw five senior pastors come and go, with an average pastoral tenure of less than four years. At the time of my call to serve as senior pastor in 2011, much work had…

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  • Caleb And Bethia Character Analysis

    This topic has to do with both Caleb and Bethia. These characters share their knowledge of the God/gods they represent. Bethia and her family are Christians. Her dad is a minister and he also trys to help convert Native Americans to Christianity. When Bethia and Caleb first met up they start talking about their different religions and they compared and contrasted them. In Bethias religion which is Christianity she believes that there is only one God. The one who created the heavens and the earth…

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  • Expositor's Bible Commentary: Romans And Galatians

    The Expositor’s Bible Commentary: Romans and Galatians is a part of a larger set of commentaries, published by Zondervan Publishing Company. The contributors for the Romans section are Everett F. Harrison and Donald A. Hagner; for the Galatians portion of the commentary, the contributor is Robert Keith Rapa. The general editors are Tremper Longman III and David E. Garland. The Expositor’s Bible Commentary: Romans and Galatians used the New International Version, which is the most popular modern…

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  • Madonna And Child Observation

    The second piece that I decided to observe was Madonna and Child, a 14th century work that was painted by an unknown artist. The tempera on oil piece also sits in the memorial art gallery. This early renaissance painting seems to display a composition that most think of when thinking about Mary and Christ. Mary is directly center in this painting, with Christ held off to her right side. The child holds up his right hand, and in his left, there is a scroll. Though it is supposed to show a moment…

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