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  • Comparing The Philosophies Of Franklin And Jonathan Edwards

    Benjamin Franklin and Jonathan Edwards were two of the most influential men during America’s enlightenment. However, they have two very opposing viewpoint on virtually everything. Edwards believes that man’s primary responsibility is to God and is driven by Calvinism, while Franklin rejects theology as the responsibility of man and instead determines that man’s responsibility is to seek a virtuous life through purpose. Jonathan Edwards uses his sermons and explicit imagery to convey that man’s…

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  • Michael Jackson Personal Identity

    Michael Jackson and Heather Griffin have the ability to develop a deeper understanding of their personal identity as a result of their suffering experiences in family relationships. In particular, a significant experience that substantially impacted Jackson was the abuse he suffered from his father, Joe Jackson (ref). It is evident that the trauma he suffered was the catalyst to the shaping of Jackson’s personal identity. Two significant pieces of work produced by Michael are the songs;…

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  • Immanuel Kant Christian Ethics Summary

    The book is designed to provide a textbook that gives insight defining the differences and differing perspectives to Christian Ethics. The book also provides a comprehensive analysis three of the distinct phases of western Christianity. The book is divided into five sections, the first section pertaining to the methodological issues in Christian ethics. The second through section four focuses on the issues in social ethics. Section five pertains to the personal status. Provides a system for…

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  • Anglicanism In Christianity

    churches, Christian beliefs of Baptism and Eucharist are evident in their celebration of the Sacraments; primary acts of worships. Anglicanism still holds today traditional views on both these sacraments, which are considered “sure witnesses, and effectual signs of grace, and God’s good will toward us, by the which He doth work invisibly in us, and doth not only quicken, but also strengthen and confirm our Faith in Him”. Anglicans have maintained the Eucharist, continuing to display the…

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  • Tennis Court Observation

    Rem Tluangneh This past week, I observed myself in two different scenarios – at a church and at a tennis court. These two situations required me to differentiate my actions based on each particular setting. The setting of the church contains 500 church pews in a low dim light with various band instruments on the altar. The large room is also filled with flower decors and elegant accents. The front setting of the second scenario mainly comprised with blue tennis courts in the middle of a park,…

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  • Peter's Letter To Jesus Essay

    1:16-18). He no doubt expects his readers to call to mind the details of this prophetic word about Christ. Peter also makes reference to "the holy commandment" as that which the false teachers have rejected. In this context, "holy commandment" means Christian ethical requirements (2:21). In Peter's view, this ethical requirement ultimately derives from…

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  • Comparison Of 'The City In The Sea And Eldorado'

    Sodom was a city that was full of sin. God sent and angel down to see if he could find any good in the city. If at least ten people were found God would save the city. However, the angel only found one good man and the angel told them to get out of the city because it was to be destroyed. Poe could have been comparing this poem to the biblical story. By personifying death, he was comparing it to God. “Death looks gigantically down” (Poe, “The City in the Sea”). Unlike the poems “Annabel Lee” and…

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  • Mysticism In Christianity

    that baptism communicates, when it is given ‘the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit’” (Danielou, 194). When a person is reborn they are given a power to communicate through the Trinity. This can also be very mystical to Christians because there are not three people standing in front of you talking to you. Also, the symbols of saying ‘in the name of the Father, the Son, and of the Holy Spirit’ can mean different things to different people. For example, Origen says that…

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  • King David's Physical Development

    King David was anointed at a young age by God to become the ruler of Israel. However King David was still subjected to physical, cognitive and socio-emotional development through his entire life-span just like all of us. He may have been labeled the “man after God’s heart”, but like us, he was not without his flaws, most of which were related to his need for continued maturation in his development as well as within his faith walk with God. During David’s adolescents his physique was depicted as…

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  • Pilgrimage Departure Analysis

    1033, cardinal years from the death of Jesus, then again that year conjointly passed with none destructive events. In a result of the smooth passing and great reliefs, large numbers of people began making pilgrimages to sacred sites by repeated Christian Crusades against the Muslims in the Holy Land and by increasing the number and size of monasteries. Just however extreme the millennia panic was, remains debated. It’s bound that from the year 950 onward, there was a big increase in building…

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