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  • Personal Narrative: Sparkle

    Everyone has that one thing in life they enjoy doing. For me that is spending time with my horse, Sparkle. I could spend hours with her every day. I look at Sparkle as my best friend more than I look at her as a horse. So, the day I jumped on her bareback I thought nothing of it. Sometimes even simple decision like that are the ones that you have to pay for. What I find important is that you are always learning from those decisions. Even today I am still learning from that decision even if it…

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  • Frontal Lobe Theory

    In recent years, the consequences of repeated head injuries and concussions suffered by athletes have been propelled into notoriety. High profile cases of suicide, domestic abuse, and disease diagnoses in athletes, have prompted increased research into the phenomenon and preventative measures to reduce head injuries to be implemented (Remington, 2014). According to Guskiewics and his colleagues (2005), repeated concussions is linked to diseases such as early-onset Dementia, Alzheimers, Attention…

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  • Mr Bean And Blackadder Case Study

    bachelor’s degree, and later pursued a master’s at the University of Southern California. His story remains an important reminder that even those from relatively humble beginnings have the potential to go far – to the moon and back, in fact. 8. Chris Vance Civil Engineering, Newcastle…

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