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  • Mcdonalds Vs China Case Study

    different to American cuisine. Recalling images showed in lecture and discussion of the early menus, the imagery of the menu was that of “orientalism”. The menu marketed a “foreign experience” with the safety and familiarity of dishes like chop suey or chow mein. Similarly, McDonalds offered the public in China the opportunity to try “local culture” from America. McDonald’s popularity was never about the food it was about the experience of being American and the American life-style. McDonalds…

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  • Chinese Immigration Analysis

    Lucas Dacosta 10/28/15 811 IS10Q Chinese Immigration Task 3 Dear Hui, I thought the streets were made of gold. I was misbelieved. It is not as easy as you think, Hui. The work here is very hard. I work all day building a railroad but get so little in return. But hey, its better than receiving nothing. I just wish all those things we thought were true. The people here don’t like us. Not even the other races of immigrants. Since I know you are curious…

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  • Personal Reflection Of My Diet (USDA)

    Over a span of three days, I tracked my diet to see if I was following the recommend nutrition guidelines set forth by the USDA. With the help of the SuperTracker website, I was able to see an average of my nutrients, vitamins, and minerals over the three day span. From these results, I decided which foods could possibly make a difference in the areas that were not up to the nutritional standards. Vitamins and Minerals There were quite a few vitamins and minerals that averaged less than a…

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  • Analysis Of A Three-Week Menu For Children

    menu for example in week two day one wholemeal sandwich are used. In another food group lean meats, poultry, fish, eggs, tofu, legumes/beans, it is a requirement that children have half a serve. This can be seen in week one day five with chicken chow mein. The last food group is milk, yoghurt, cheese or alternatives; this can be seen all throughout the menu, for example, the drink that is available for…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Only Guyanese Child

    There was chatter everywhere and an excited buzz filled the school. My mother scanned the hallways, searching for a certain room number that would match the one that was listen on the paper in her hands. A large “Welcome” banner decorated the entrance of the school and white balloons were swaying next it it. I looked out at the sea of unfamiliar people passing me until my mom gently tugged at me to show me that we had arrived at the classroom. She kissed me goodbye and told me to have a great…

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  • My Diet's Food Group Analysis

    I have included a table comparing my diet’s food group servings in comparison to the CFG recommended servings. It is evident that my diet did not conform to the serving numbers recommended in CFG. I’m not consuming nearly enough milk or grain products while my meat and alternatives intake is astronomical in comparison. I predicted that my milk and alternatives score would be very low as I don’t include dairy products in my diet other than chocolate milk and creamer in coffee. Because of the…

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  • Ping-Pong: A Short Story

    CHAPTER THIRTEEN The House of Creepy Mr. Ping-Pong I sat on the floor doused in yellow liquid moonlight mingled with shadows, waiting. But for what? A chance to escape? The window was hopeless—small and too high for me to reach. For someone to rescue me? That was unlikely to happen. No one knew where I was. I’m trapped, I thought. In silence—ensnared by insatiable psychos. The door creaked open, and standing in front of me was a tall, muscular man with spiked hair and a smile that was all top…

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