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  • Sylvia Plath's Poem 'Daddy'

    then states, in line 49, “The boot in the face…,” referring to the Nazi soldiers’ black, tall combat boots while marching (291). Plath also states, “I made a model of you/ [a] man in black with a Mein Kampf look,” referring to her father saying that he looks like Adolf Hitler, the author of the book “Mein Kampf” meaning “My Struggle” regarding to the Holocaust. She then says, “[a]nd get back, back, back to you. / I thought even the bones would do” (292). This is a reference to the Jewish victims…

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  • Chungking Express Film Analysis

    Before I analyze the film Chungking Express, I would like to briefly introduce its director—Wang Kar-Wai, a great master who specialized in describing protagonists’ characteristics by details and the whole environment. Since he grows up in Hong Kong, a former British colony involving Chinese culture and western culture, he has lots of thinking on this metropolis and the people living there. Thus he directs bunch of films such like Chungking Express, telling the love stories happened in Hong Kong…

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  • Bayesian Network And System Dynamics Theory

    The second source is a book which introduced the basic concepts and applications of this methodology. The authors concentrated on the causal discovery of networks and the techniques of using Bayesian networks. Furthermore, they discussed the utilisation of this methodology for causal modelling. This source is important at the initial stage of the project as it contributes to the decision-making process at the modelling technique selection stage. However, it is not as important as the other two…

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  • Exemplification Essay: China's Food Traditions

    China is a very delicate country, they have a lot of foods from their country and a lot of food traditions. China’s delicacy menu consists of appetizers like fried wonton, fried rangoon, fantail shrimp, potstickers, shrimp toast, bar-b-q spare ribs, and satay beef. Their soup menu consists of soups like hot and sour soup, wonton soup, chicken sizzling rice soup, and shrimp sizzling rice soup. Their vegetables menu consists of veggies similar to ours, mixed vegetables, snow pea pods with water…

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  • Homecoming Donald Bruce Dawe Analysis

    The poem “Homecoming” by Donald Bruce Dawe is a clinical depiction of war written with third person narration. Though there is no specific mention of war, the poet’s use of implied knowledge and language conveys the themes of identity and death in conflict. The poem portrays the final flight of dead soldiers as they are removed from the battlefield and returned home to their loved ones. There is no rhyme within the poem, which is written as one continuous stanza created from one continuous…

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  • My Mandala Project Example

    My Mandala project My mandala talks about what my life is about. I will talk about somethings that show what my life is about.One thing that is the main thing is baseball. Some examples are baseball,Dodgers,Panda Express,and Mexico and U.S.C. Baseball is the main thing in my Mandala . Baseball ties our family together. Baseball has been in my family for many years. I used to go to the park on sundays to see my grandpa play. I always wanted to play baseball when i was smaller. It was my dream to…

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  • My Christmas Celebration

    everyone to the table. It was amazing. The table was filled with different dishes. The American classics where there: roasted turkey, mashed potatoes, string bean casserole and sweet potato pie. Also present on the table was Chinese fried rice, chow mein, honey walnut shrimp, fried wontons and my all-time favorite Peruvian Lomo Saltado. I could not decide where to start. I made sure that I had a bit of everything. It was…

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  • Billy's Barbeque Case Analysis

    culture is evident in their cuisines that are famed for their meaning appearance, taste, color, and aroma. J. Li and Y. Hsieh (2010) asserts that some of the typical Chinese Dishes include Gong Bao Chicken, Sweet and Sour Pork, Ma Po Tofu Wontons, Chow Mein, Dumplings,…

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  • Vegan Fashion Industry Essay

    . However, the lady I interviewed gave reasons as to why the whole food shop has lasted for forty years. All employees of the shop have a holistic approach when met with customers which is a unique trait. The customers seem to have built a relationship in which they are loyal to the whole food shop which enables security for the shop. Both interviewees were vegan themselves. Vegan food has seen a national wide spread as particular products are included in some of the biggest highstreets…

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  • Amy Tan's The Joy Luck Club

    focuses on Chinese Immigrant families who start a club known as The Joy Luck club. There would old Chinses games From the 18th and 19th century played such as a card game called Mahjong while feasting on a variety of traditional Chinese food like Chow Mein and Sweet and Sour pork. There would also be old stories shared from different families about their ancestors life living in the villages they came from. The whole idea of the Joy Luck club was to bring bring the Chinese community together to…

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