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  • Mango House Analysis

    form reflects an azonic flow of spaces across both levels without losing proportion in design. A majestically suspended steel staircase and its dominance of the interiors is the raison d'être of the house. The testament to the tactile nature of architecture is that the birds, and butterflies that inhabited the plot, can be seen flying in front of the house, perching on the railings, using the house pretty much as another prop which is the…

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  • Module 4 Case Study: The Walt Disney Company

    Module 4 Case LED599 "There is a powerful need for symbolism, and that means the architecture must have something that appeals to the human heart. There is a powerful need for symbolism, and that means the architecture must have something that appeals to the human heart ." -Kenzo Tange In the past and present, it is seemingly impossible to find a culture without some sort of symbolism. In most cases, these unique characteristics serve as pillars, supporting a certain way of life. The Walt…

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  • Louis Kahn Non-Details Analysis

    as “attention to or treatment of a subject in individual or minute parts”. The architectural detail starts off as a constructive or technical problem, but the detail can and should be able to indicate the architect’s design intent. Detail is architecture at its smallest scale. Even though detail is a minute part of the whole, it is able to intensify the intended quality of space. Details can both resolve construction problems as well as help one’s understanding of the building and help it…

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  • Personal Essay: My Eternal Love For Architecture And Architecture

    My first tryst with architecture was back in 2000; I was about 10 years old and my parents had started the construction of our new house. We took weekly trips to the construction site and I remember being so fascinated with how a few walls and ceilings, an entity so basic, could create spaces so vastly varying and yet so personal. This had now opened up a whole new spectrum of the built form for me, I was suddenly more conscious of its presence, something I hadn’t even noticed until that time.…

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  • Utopian Urban Planning

    Excessive Planning in the Urban Future: Obstacles to Urban Utopia The utopian-style planning of the urban future has embraced principle, and abandoned practicality. In order to form utopian cities, the planners of urban areas like Brasília and Delhi proposed detailed urban plans that have mostly ignored market factors in favor of heightened urban regulations. In the case of Brasília, these regulations, designed to further the city’s utopian conception, have actually had the opposite effect.…

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  • Air Conditioning

    Introduction There are numerous similarities between a wall air conditioner and a window air conditioner, but the main intention of the former is not to place it on a window. Wall air conditioners are placed directly within the wall of the building. Well, if you already have an air conditioning unit at your home, no worries! The only difference between the wall air conditioner and the central air conditioner is that the former can be mounted to the wall of the building. It also comes with a…

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  • Sustainable Construction

    Introduction This paper examines six peer-reviewed articles addressing the concept of sustainable construction. Sustainable construction is the creation and responsible management of a healthy built environment based on resource efficient and ecological principles (Mokhlesian & Holman, 2012). These resource efficient and ecological principles make changes to the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of the structure. Topics discussed in the articles include, but are not limited to,…

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  • Statement Of Purpose To Study Kinesiology And Psychography

    I never intended to study architecture. When I was applying to colleges, I intended to study kinesiology and psychology. Studying dance and photography when I was younger gave me a desire to be expressive, and even though I felt a connection to the physicality of dance through kinesiology, I knew I wanted to do something that fulfilled that same sense of expression. It wasn’t until I studied architecture that I noticed some of its similarities with dance. Dance is expressive of the body, but it…

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  • Recovering Utopian Coleman Analysis

    from the Journal of Architectural Education. This article is an intellectual article that works towards defining utopia in regard to architecture and city planning. It includes explanations that make up the dangers and realistic ideals that come along with trying to create utopia in architecture or a utopian city. Coleman describes what makes up utopia in architecture which include as he describes four elements: “social and political content; a significant level of detail in the description of…

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  • Cad Das Canoas Analysis

    Casa das Canoas, is a wonderful product of Niemeyer's experience, promotes freedom, modernism, and indulgence in all its aspect. The representation of the building is provided by big concrete slabs, and a hiding away for a little floor. The curved shapes of the hill which match its curvilinear roof slabs and the rich forest that surrounds the house. Its roof is braced on thin steel pillars, this way it will not need the walls to supported it. The feeling of complete freedom is achieved on the…

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