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  • Milk Chocolate Case Study

    I chose to reduce the amount of Milk Chocolate by 15gs because it contains a lot of sugar and i would like to reduce that. So to substitute i increased the amount of Plain Chocolate chips which contain less sugar yet they also provide some sweetness. I decided to add a handful of raspberries because they will add some nutrition to the dessert, as well as add a complimentary sour flavour. I decided the tart and ganache should have a slight red colour because it makes it look a little more edgy…

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  • Cocoa Puffs Research Paper

    flavored cereal ,while my brother preferred the chocolate flavored cereal. Cocoa Puffs is a ready to eat cereal made by General Mills and it was introduced in “1958, the cereal consist of small orbs of corn, oats, and rice flavored with cocoa”(Wikipedia).General Mills was known for making cereals that were ready to eat and all you had to do was add milk and fruit if you like. Cocoa Puff’s message to society is to have a delicious breakfast with chocolate while still being healthy for you. Cocoa…

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  • Hershey's Chocolate With Almonds

    Chocolate is one of the most beloved flavors and ingredients in the world and even the most popular in continents of Europe and North America. One popular brand; The Hershey Company, specializes in chocolate-related confections. One popular product is Hershey’s Milk Chocolate With Almonds. High quality and consistency in the product takes a long journey but ensured in every single chocolate bar. The process that is taken to manufacture each ingredient and form them into chocolate ties strongly…

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  • Reese's Chocolate Company History

    Andrew Ragle Mrs. Turner Business English 6 October 2017 History of the Reese’s Chocolate Company Reese’s is a popular candy company that was “established” somewhere around 1920 by H. B. Reese. It has become a favorite among the many great chocolate companies. Reese was born on a dairy farm owned by his parents, Aquilla Asbury and Annie Belinda Reese, on the 24th of May in the year 1879, in York County, Pennsylvania. In 1900 on the first of August, he married Blanche Edna Reese and they went…

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  • Milka Case Study

    Milka is the world-famous brand of chocolate and other confectionery originally coming from Germany. The products of Milka are loved by millions of people because of the company`s approach to the production and to the customers. This confectionery is well-known, because Milka makes its sweets choosing only top-quality fresh raw materials showing respect and establishing a close connection to customers. This caring approach is appreciated and valued by Milka`s customers. Milka is a brand…

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  • Business Analysis: Kellogg's Analysis Of Breakfast Cereals

    Kellogg’s Overview: Kellogg’s was founded as a Battle Creek Toasted Corn Flake company in the year 1906. It was founded by the brothers named Keith Kellogg and John Harvey Kellogg in Battle Creek, Michigan. The company was renamed as Kellogg’s company in 1922. It started off as a corn flakes company and later expanded to offer a variety of products including cereals, cereal bars, convenience foods, cookies, toaster pastries, frozen waffles, etc. The company positions its products on the lines of…

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  • Wedel's International Marketing Strategy

    E.Wedel is the oldest chocolate factory in Poland. The company and the brand of a chocolate and confectionery manufacturer created in 1851 by Karol Wedel, a German confectioner and entrepreneur. From 2010, the company's co-owner is the Japanese-Korean LOTTE Group. In 1845 in Warsaw next to Piwna street 12 in Warsaw, in the bakery of Karol Gronhert, Karol Wedel began with his way to the first Polish chocolate factory. In 1865, because of the popularity of confectionery the company has to be moved…

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  • Chocolate Bar Industry Essay

    Chocolate is a worldwide snack that has been around since 1400’s (Szogyi 1997). According to Albright (1997), both Cacoa and America has been discovered around the same time. Chocolate is a mixture cocoa, sugar, cocoa fat, milk fat and many other ingredients (Fao, 1992). It’s a homogeneous product sold all over the world in a billion euro industry (Badiner & Hill, 2013). Chocolate is very popular food product, according to a focus group research Monaco, Ollila and Tuorila (2004) conducted, it…

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  • Hershey's Cups History

    Throughout the nation, people are going crazy for a Chocolate and Peanut Butter candy. For over 80 years people have been favoring Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Although many people did not know, Reese’s Cups has a long and very interesting history. It all started with the dreams of a man named Harry Burnett Reese, Aka: H.B. Reese. Reese’s dream all got started when H.B. Reese decided to run a candy store. He was struggling to find a job in around the 1930s. After looking for jobs, he found…

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  • Janine Antoni Research Paper

    After completing her studies, Antoni began working on her contemporary art. In 1992, she created a series simply known as Gnaw. She gnawed on two 600lb slabs of chocolate and lard. After gnawing and chewing, she made 45 heart shaped chocolate packages and 400 tubes of lipstick made from beeswax and…

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