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  • Persuasive Essay On Yummy Chocolate

    should come as of no surprise when I say yummy chocolates, but how if I say yummy chocolate greeting card? Yes, of course it would be an untold surprise for everyone. Chocolates are always a best friend for every person from children to old age. So why not to surprise your loved ones with all-time favorite food chocolate. No, it's not only a chocolate, but a personalized chocolate greeting card. Now you might be thinking of what are personalized chocolate greeting card! Yes, you are right what…

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  • Persuasive Essay On How To Make Cupcakes

    Professor Cain English 1301-309 18 October 2017 Chocolate Cupcakes: Lazy People Edition Baking is an amazing way to show someone your affection. From birthday cakes to a simple cupcake for when a loved one is feeling down, or for a special occasion. But what happens when you are lazy person? Or you are too busy, but you already told someone that you would take your special baked cupcakes to the party? So here you have an easier way to bake those delicious chocolate cupcakes and still have time…

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  • Freya's House History

    small cakes and cupcakes with sweet frosting. One of Freya’s and Lucy’s favorite cakes that they get every time is the famous red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. This is one of the girl’s favorite baked goods they always get when they go to the tea shop. Whenever you bite into the red velvet cupcakes you will want to buy another and another because the cake is just right it’s not to sweet and not to dry. It’s just right and when you first take a bite of this luscious and smooth cake…

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  • Desserts Vs. Devil's Food Cake

    of sweets is cakes. We have different bases for cakes like foam cake, butter cake, low or no flour cakes. I would talk about two of them, Angel food cake and Devil’s food cake in the ways that they are different from each other, in technic, why they named by this name, also the history. Angel’s food cake which in UK is known by Angel cake is a foam or sponge base cake, “which means they usually do not include fat, such as butter…

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  • Personal Narrative: That Troublesome Locker

    In 8th grade I remember being in Mrs. Manley’s class. In the class, we were assigned kitchens and had a certain amount of people in our kitchen. Mrs. Manley assigned us to make homemade chocolate chip cookies from scratch. My group and I just looked at each other and thought this recipe should be a piece of cake. However, the way the cookies were not what we anticipated them to be. As we placed our cookies onto the pan and put them in the oven, we noticed something wasn’t right. Our cookies…

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  • Yule Leg History

    The Yule Log This is a holiday cake called the Yule Log also known as the Christmas Log or Buche de Noel. This cake that is made at Christmastime dates back to the 19th century. At this time rolled sponge cakes filled with jam or cream and covered with butter cream icing began to be mentioned in European cookbooks. They were usually decorated with marzipan or meringue. The rolled shape of the cake was to remind one of a log and was typically covered with chocolate butter cream to look like the…

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  • Swot Analysis Of Krispy Kreme

    Dips: • Caramel, Chocolate, Cheddar cheese and cream cheese. ii. Performance - Well-known brand as a mouth-watering pretzel product. - The recipe of the product is great (texture and taste). The combination of softness and crispiness of the dough they…

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  • Cupcake Informative Essay

    Ever heard of show called Cupcake Wars? It’s a competitive baking show where contestants have three rounds to show they are the best at baking cupcakes. After each round, one group of contestants are eliminated. In the first round, they have to impress the judges with a taste test, using crazy ingredients such as sriracha or cheeseburgers. In the second round, they have to make three different cupcakes complete with decorations having to do with the theme of the show. In the third round,…

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  • Recipe Toast And Blackberry Syrup: A Formal Analysis

    Mascarpone Toast and Blackberry Syrup Ingredients 2 small eggs ½ cup of milk 1/4 cup of sugar 2 1/2 teaspoons of cinnamon 2 teaspoons of vanilla 2 cups of cold mascarpone cheese 3 tablespoons of blackberry liqueur 10 thick slices of day-old bread ½ cup of maple syrup 3 cups of blackberries 2 ½ tablespoons of butter Cooked bacon Preparation Make fire of charcoal grill to high 450° or use camp stove and use moderate heat. Whisk egg, sugar, cinnamon, milk, then 1 tsp. of vanilla together in a…

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  • Gum Paste Vs Fondant Icing

    making edible cake toppers is by using fondant icing. There are many advantages in using fondant icing in making cake toppers—for one is the freedom to choose any design, color and flavor you want for your cake topper. To give you the confidence in making fondant cake toppers with expert accuracy, here are the answers to five FAQs that you can take note of. What is the different between gum paste and fondant icing? When you have chosen to use fondant over gum paste in making your cake topper,…

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