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  • Andy Warhol's Marilyn Diptych

    experienced in the senses of the beholder. The same painting, movie or piece of music can evoke a wide array of emotions in many different people, or even in one person alone. The desire to express ourselves thorough our creativity is a characteristic shared by most people. Letting our imaginations run free to create, manipulate, and incorporate our vision into something that lasts caries deep meaning. The word ‘Art’ itself encompasses so many mediums; paintings, drawings, sculptures, music…

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  • Frank Louis Allen Live I Analysis

    We found that there is no actual meaning behind these paintings but Allen states that his drawings are his “expressions though autism.” Allen allows his had to freely start drawing lines and when he can start to see something in the lines he adds the details. As we were looking at Allen’s first drawing, Live I, we wondered how many faces are actually in the painting. There’s are too many faces to be able to count as Allen has set the eyes so everywhere you look…

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  • The Role Of Renaissance Art In The Middle Ages

    famous artist, in hopes that one day they too would become a great artist. For example, famous Renaissance artist Leonardo da Vinci apprenticed with Andrea del Verrocchio in Florence learning multiple skills and trades, including sculpting, drawing, painting, and carpentry. Just years before in the Middle Ages, art was made for a specific purpose, like religious reasons, but in the Renaissance art was not only made for spiritual purposes, but for the idea of beauty and the attraction of learning…

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  • Leonardo Da Vinci's Accomplishments

    created same very famous paintings and invention. He had a very interesting early life. He lived in cool places. His child hood was a very important part of his life. His parents helped him with his life in the youth stage. Leonardo da Vinci was born on April 15, 1452 in Vinci, Italy. He was interested in laws of science and nature, which helped him, when being a printer and inventor. People say that His painting of Mona Lisa is one of the best known paintings out there. The painting was…

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  • John Isaac Thornycroft Essay

    Sir John Isaac Thornycroft (1843-1928) was a British Naval architect, engineer, and founder of the shipbuilding institution, John I Thornycroft & Company Limited. He is noted for having partially designed and built the first Royal Naval torpedo boat as well as designing and improving upon the machinery involved in this class of ship. Thornycroft is also credited with modifying the hull and propeller designs of naval ships as well as designing ship stabilizers. In particular Thornycroft's…

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  • Sally Mann Art Analysis

    stimulated artist to draw and take all sort of picture. The big wall, signature on other properties, wall design and collection of artifact provoked an emotional and sociological examination that informed artist the thrilled of painting. Most artist created figurative painting in which make other who see their work as inspirational or a reflection of their own life. In the video, I will be focusing on the Sally Mann art work which I find very interesting to look. Sally Mann use of glass plate…

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  • The Role Of Creativity In Paper Towns By Leonardo Da Vinci

    This quote, said by the famous painter Leonardo da Vinci. The painter was a very intelligent and talented man who painted the Mona Lisa and many other well known paintings. While saying this, he probably thought of imagination and creativity that every person has. He might’ve had a different meaning when he said this, but people that hear this quote take it a different way. In my own opinion, it means creativity, and how people express themselves. One this this quote means is creativity.…

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  • Giovanni Arnolfini And His Wife Analysis

    this is a full-length double portrait. Many scholars and historians believe that this is one of the most complex early western art. The actual painting is domestic in scale. Nonetheless, the details are so fine it is possible to make out two figures in a tiny mirror. The way that Van Eyck accomplished this is by the technique he used to layer the painting. Because unlike artists of the time that used tempera that dried relatively quickly, Eyck’s oil paint dried much slower and allowed for small…

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  • Vincent Van Gogh Starry Night Meaning

    this essay over “Starry Night” because I have a great understanding of this piece of art. In many of the “Starry Night” viewer’s eyes it is a beautiful piece of work, but in Vincent van Gogh’s eyes it is his worst piece of art. Van Gogh says the painting is not realistic enough, but “Starry Night is definitely one of the most amazing pieces of art I have ever seen. As I explain the form and content of “Starry Night” it will show why this piece of work is so amazing in my eyes. This beautiful…

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  • Why Is Leonardo Da Vinci Considered An Artist

    to 1497 he produced a mural of 'The Last Supper' in the refectory of the Monastery of Santa Maria. During his time in Florence, he painted several portraits, but the only one that survives is the famous 'Mona Lisa'. The fame of Da Vinci's living paintings has meant that he has been regarded primarily as an artist, but the thousands of surviving pages…

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