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  • Causes Of The Fort Dearborn Massacre

    In 1812 a massacre occurred in what is now Chicago, Illinois. This became known as the Fort Dearborn Massacre. The reason that caused this massacre was quite immature. This reason being that the Potawatomi Indians had wanted things including alcohol and ammunition from the Americans. The Americans didn’t want to give their supplies to the Potawatomi Indians and instead destroyed all the arms and ammunition and gave the rest to “friendly” Indians hoping they would escort them to Fort Wayne. They…

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  • Essay On Chief Red Cloud

    Red Cloud; The most important Lakota leaders of the nineteenth century. Red Cloud was a Native American war leader who became an important part of history for his role in fiercely defending his peoples land against the U.S. government Chief Red Cloud was Chief of the Oglala Lakota tribe. Chief Red Cloud was Born in Nebraska in 1822, the Lakota chief Red Cloud was an important figure in the 19th century land battle between Native Americans and the U.S. government. He successfully resisted…

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  • Essay On Sioux Tribe

    They Sioux are an American tribe of first nations who lived from back before the settlers came until they were transferred to reserves in 1864. The Sioux spoke a variety of languages, including Lakhota, Teton or Teton Sioux and Siouan. The Sioux were controlled by the Chiefs who were respected warriors and leaders. The people of the Sioux also looked up to their elders too. Elders were old and experienced and were consulted a lot they were also the village's story tellers. Each village had…

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  • Dry Creek Station Conflicts

    The Dry Creek station of the pony express in Nevada experienced many conflicts; some of those conflicts were between the white settlers and the Indians. This conflict only contributed to getting rid of the pony express, which was only was in operation during April 3, 1860 to October 28, 1861. One of the conflicts that occurred at the dry creek station was when a group of Indians killed a man named Ralph M. Lozier and wounded a man named John Applegate after attacking the station asking Si…

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  • Sitting Bull Argument Essay

    Sitting Bull used many tools in his speach to his fellow Natives. He spoke of the land and what it means to them, and he spoke of their ancestors. The most effective tool the Sitting Bull used, however, is his comparisons of the people, the animals, and the land they roam. Animals were an incredibly important aspect of the natives lives. They provided food, and most other things that the natives used in their every day lives. They only took what they needed and did not waste any part of the…

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  • My People The Sioux Analysis

    In “My People the Sioux” written by Luther Standing Bear, he documents significant history from a Native American lifestyle assimilating to the white race. Standing Bear writes an autobiography in order “to write accurately about the struggles and disappointments of the Indian (preface).” Moreover, Richard Ellis brings up controversies about the “factual errors” that Standing Bear might have said in his own autobiography. Ellis is referring to the support that is achieved through “written…

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  • Primal Behaviors Of Native Americans

    Christopher Columbus landed in the new world in 1492, he discovered a group of peoples and named them Indians. The Natives seemed to be uncivilized and lack humanism, often thought to be savages. However, the English were the real savages in their crusade to inflict their religion on anyone who wasnt English. Indians were unevolved compared to the mighty English. At this point Native Americans have yet to discover the horse. Due to the primal behaviors of the Indians, hunting and farming was…

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  • An Essay On Buffalo's Extraordinary Animals

    Buffalo’s are extraordinary animals, they used to hunted by Native americans, but then after everything that happened then and now; their are still buffalo, but they are protected and are in places that take in protected animals and takes care of them. Buffalo are also called “ Bison” . They are very large animals and they are mammals. Males are slightly larger than females. Buffalo’s have hooves that are slightly larger than horses hooves. They are herbivores which means they eat grass and…

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  • Nez Percé's Influence On American Culture

    The Nez Percé were one of the most numerous and powerful Native American tribes originating from the Columbia River Plateau region, or modern-day Idaho, Washington, Oregon, and Montana. This region consisted of warm summers and cold, snowy winters. The Nez Percé lived a semi-nomadic lifestyle, moving with the food supply, fishing, hunting, or gathering wild plants for food. Fish, specifically salmon, was a staple. They practiced traditional religion based on Animism, which integrated their…

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  • Essay On Sioux Dance

    The name Sioux comes from Natawesiwak, that means enemy. The Chippewa gave this name. They were called themselves as Lakota, Dakota or Nakota, which means friend. These names are the dialects that their language evolved. They come from the area of forests, and the constant conflicts with Ojibwa enemies forced them to lead a nomadic life on the meadows. It was a nomadic and warlike people, and their traditional house was the Tipi, it is a kind of tent made of wooden poles and skins. In this era…

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