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  • Strengths And Weaknesses Of Tesla Motors

    Pierre Lys Tesla Motors Tesla is quite an interesting company that seems to be ahead of the game In terms of car manufacturing. They have set out to try to be the most cost efficient company there is. CEO Elon Musk has a wide range of great ideas that have to do with saving our ecosystem and our money due to the use of solar panels. Although Elon Musk is trying to save us money is he really benefiting his company along the journey? Join me as we take a deeper look into the company Tesla one of…

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  • Tesla Motors Swot Analysis

    The company faces stiff competition from Chevrolet, Toyota, Honda and smart car. This has forced them to be highly innovative to remain profitable in the industry. The current business model is not and will not offer solutions needed in the production and selling of the Tesla products. Their needs…

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  • Pierre Martell Home Builder Comparison

    What is corporate entrepreneurship and what does it do for the company? Corporate entrepreneurship is the representation of risk taking, being active, and showing innovation within a business. Having a corporate entrepreneurship can do many things for a company such as, improving the revenue, or rising to be the top competitor. The two businesses I chose to compare and contrast their innovations are, Martell Home Builders and General Motors Company. Pierre Martell, founder of Martell Home…

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  • Electric Cars Importance

    of them is Tesla they make the most electric cars the base their designs off of a cool sporty looking car. Another is Audio which designs their cars off the designs of the same type of thing sporty futuristic. Another is Chevy which makes the Chevy Volt and is a basic design and is not very flashy as the other car makers. History Of The Electric…

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  • Linear Differential Concentration And Damping Factors

    Introduction The main objective of this lab is to observe the behavior of a metal block while experiencing uniaxial translation and oscillation in respects to time to calculate the acceleration, spring constant, and damping factor. The experiment was split into two different labs. Part one, the drop test, to take the block to a fixed height and drop it. This would then allow us to calculate the friction force, along with the acceleration of the metal block. Part two, the bounce test, is…

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  • General Motors Case Analysis

    the Chevrolet Volt concept, an electric car. However, the 2008 recession, which led to a severe credit crunch, was hard on GM which was in need of working capital. It was able to receive a loan from the government, but under the condition that it would accelerate tough restructuring measures. The General Motors Corporation filed for bankruptcy in 2009, and a new, leaner, General Motors Company was incorporated to acquire its strongest assets. GM’s worldwide brands today include Chevrolet, Buick…

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  • Electrochemical Cell Experiment

    In the cell Cu (s) + Cu2+(aq) ↔ Cu2+ + Cu(s) ,when the concentration of Cu2+ was reduced from 1.0 M to 0.010 M, it caused the reaction to shift to the right. The standard E value was 0.00 Volts, the reaction shifted right and so did the E cell value. It got higher than the standard value as it attempts to reestablish equilibrium. According to LeChatliers principle, “When any system at equilibrium is subjected to change in concentration,…

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  • Obedience According To Dr. Stanley Milgram's Study

    The teacher and researcher went into the room next door that contained the electric shock generator box. The generator has a row of switches marked from 15 volts (Slight Shock) to 375 volts (Danger: Severe Shock) to 450 volts. The teacher (subject) would read the list of words and then test the learner’s (confederate) memory. The experimenter would administer an electric shock each time the learner (confederate) responded incorrectly. The…

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  • Robotic System Case Study

    capacity smart technology USB power bank. Design #1: LIPO Battery The LIPO battery is a great piece of equipment to power electronic devices such as RC planes and RC cars. These types of batteries can usually push out significantly more amount of volts/amps than traditional alkaline batteries. For example, the Powerizer superior performance 3900 has 3 cells, which 2 of the cells are in series pushing 4.2 max V for each cell and a cutoff 3V per cell, which then has a third cell in parallel.…

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  • Lab Analysis Of A Circuit Lab

    The circuit has 2 resistors, one with 100 Ω of resistance and the other with 1KΩ, and a voltage source of 3 volts in series in a closed circuit. Tables 2 through 5 show the data for circuits 2-5. Circuit 2 includes a voltage source of 3 volts and two resistors with resistances of 100Ω and 1 KΩ. This time, the resistors are in parallel in a closed circuit. For circuit 3, there is a combination of resistors in parallel and in…

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