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  • King Arthur: The Legendary King

    King Arthur, also spelt Aurthur in other cultural texts, is the mythical king of England who is made king by many supernatural events in order for him to unite all of the people to be one nation. He is given many gifts, those gifts could include Excalibur the sword of Kings, Guinevere the Queen he sought, and the most loyal and true knights. Arthur was an iconic figure to all Englishmen who wished to be king. His story was one that would be revised for centuries and used as a basis for every…

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  • Analysis Of Doubt: A Parable By John Patrick Shanley

    Did Father Flynn commit the crime or not? That is the question all the readers are asking themselves in the play, Doubt: A Parable. Sister Aloysius accuses Father Flynn on many different occasions, affecting his mental stability. Based on the evidence in John Patrick Shanley’s play, Doubt: A Parable, I conclude Father Flynn is guilty because of Donald and Father Flynn’s suspicious behavior. Also, Father Flynn is guilty because of how defensive he is and he eventually resigns. Donald Muller and…

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  • Who Is Abigail Williams Manipulate In The Crucible

    Arthur Miller’s play The Crucible is a fictional story about the Salem Witch Trials, a series of hearings and prosecutions of those who were accused of witchcraft in colonial Massachusetts. This is a tragic story that begins with an innocent event and ends with the deaths of innocent people. Three characters are responsible for instigating and exacerbating the trials in Miller’s play. Abigail Williams manipulates people within the community in order to get rid of the wife of the man with whom…

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  • Knowledge Is Power Analysis

    Day in and day out, humans are constantly gaining knowledge. Knowledge is defined as information or skills based on education or experience. A lot of things on Earth today were invented by using one’s prior knowledge based on the education received or the experience one has gone through. Knowledge is then to create power to provide one with a stable job, social status, and a say in what another person can or cannot do. Knowledge can be gained through multiple ways like attending school,…

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  • Sir Gawain And The Wife Of Bath's Tale Essay

    experienced in the past. In Arthurs W. Franks “Letting Stories Breath: A Socio-Narratology”, he brings up the concept of how stories affect people’s reality and what is their true meaning. His excerpts are tied into Beowulf, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, and The Wife of Bath’s Tale in different ways. Each story is different but one thing they have in common is that they all influenced the readers’ thoughts. This impact is what associates all three stories to Arthurs W. Frank’s assertions.…

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  • Symbols In Arthur Miller's Death Of A Salesman

    In his play, “Death of a Salesman”, Arthur Miller utilizes many symbols to illustrate the themes of success and failure. In many instances throughout “Death of a Salesman” Willy’s late older brother, Ben, appears to him in times of despair. Other symbols presented to the readers is Willy’s desperate attempt at planting a garden at the end of the play, and the tape recorder. These symbols represent Willy’s final attempts to be successful and the failure he cannot escape. As a young man, Ben set…

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  • Justice And Reputation In Arthur Miller's Video 'Instagram Husband'

    Today I will be discussing Arthur Miller’s 1952 play The Crucible and SmallPoppy’s 2015 YouTube video Instagram Husband and how it displays how although political motivations may be ambiguous, control is the ultimate goal. The motivation Proctor has to bring out the lies and deceit in the town of Salem while also combating his desire to maintain his reputation is similar to the men struggling to fight against their wives obsessed with Instagram while also maintaining their reputations as good…

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  • What Is The Confession In The Salem Witch Trials

    In Salem, Massachusetts, resided a town of people stricken by the panic of witchcraft, cruel injustices, centered around sexism, social hierarchy and the cries of young women. Tom Robinson from To kill a Mockingbird, is a prime example of the inequity surrounding one’s social status, gender and the leverage given to deceiving so called victims. Historically injustice has been topic of great distinction, as opinions regulate based on experience often leading to a greater movement. A stunning…

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  • Static And Dynamic Characters In The Iliad

    There are clearly static and dynamic characters in the play. A static character, in this vocabulary, is one that does not go through important change in the course of the story, remaining almost basically the same at the end as he or she was at the beginning. An dynamic character, is one that does go through an important change in the course of the story See John would not leave with Abigail shows that his love for his wife and faith in Godhas grown throughout the play. When the trials first…

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  • Courtly Love Lancelot Analysis

    aimlessly, unable to concentrate on anything but the mental image of the beloved…” (Sayre 350). Lancelot by Chretien de Troyes presents this quote clearly as Lancelot, a knight, goes through countless obstacles to save Queen Guinevere, who is King Arthur of Britain’s wife. He’s chooses love over reason to ensure that he is the one to saves her from Sir Meleagant no matter how harmful or tempting those obstacles become. This story of courtly love shows the reader that love always prevails, even…

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