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  • Acute Coronary Syndrome Case Study

    complaints of chest pain. Upon arrival at the primary care physician's office, he was chest pain free. A 12-lead ECG was performed and showed no changes from previous ECGs. The patient's vital signs were found to be stable and within his normal range: blood pressure 135/78 mm Hg, heart rate 68 beats per minute and regular, and respirations 16 breaths per minute and unlabored. He was afebrile. Comments and Rationale : Persons who present in any healthcare setting with a complaint of chest pain…

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  • Miracle Bust Research Paper

    gone by and it generally does not require any pain or trouble. Miracle bust is a superb product that is assisting women everywhere you go achieve the chest they have got always dreamt of. Miracle Bust functions by naturally creating hormones within you that are crucial to breast progress to be produced more. This triggers a healthy progress of your chest and is an identical process to puberty.You may take full good thing about the development in your breasts size by following a directions…

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  • Boston Tea Party: The Boston Tea Party

    Boston Tea Party The British East Indian Company went into debt after having corrupt management and becoming involved in a war that cost them a great deal of money. This caused me and another seventeen million pounds to be packed into chests and stored in a warehouse. We all started to lose hope as the days went by and we remained unsold. Then an unlikely hero emerged. His name is Lord North, the prime minister of Britain. He originally put a tax on us that resulted in Dutch tea to be smuggled…

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  • Essay On Pneumothorax

    skin nick is cleaned and dressed, and a repeat scan is obtained to rule out the presence of a pneumothorax. Most institutions obtain two post-biopsy chest radiographs, one immediate baseline and a repeat 2-3-hour study, to ensure no enlarging pneumothorax. The patients are observed until the follow up radiograph is obtained while fasting in case a chest tube insertion is needed (Fig. 5). The patient is discharged if the follow up radiograph shows no evidence of developing pneumothorax (Fig.…

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  • Essay On Intersectionality

    Being a white trans person I benefit from racism. For instance, I can buy a chest binder that is similar to my skin tone whereas trans people of colour will have a difficult time doing so because chest binders that match darker skin tones seldomly exist. When buying a chest binder from the internet or a store that carries them, individuals typically have three colour options: white, black and nude. In my case I bought a nude chest binder from a small shop without even thinking about the…

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  • Pneumothorax Research Paper

    A pneumothorax is a condition in which air gets trapped between the lungs and the chest wall. This pressure causes the lung to collapse inward onto itself. As member of both the Army National Guard and Army ROTC, I am very interested in this topic since it is a serious injury that can occur due to traumas on the battlefield. In army lingo, this injury is referred to as a sucking chest wound. We are instructed to treat it during basic combat lifesaving courses. I understand that medical treatment…

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  • Spontaneous Pneumothorax

    supplemental oxygen.4 In these cases, chest tubes are generally contraindicated unless the pneumothorax enlarges.5 As the PSP expands, a chest tube or simple aspiration is needed. Chest tubes are necessary in large pneumothorax and simple aspiration in most effective in small to moderately sized pneumothoraces.4 A chest tube is used to re-expand the effected lung by attaching to the Heimlich vale and remains in place until the lung is properly inflated.5 The chest tube is effective “in about…

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  • Essay On Marfan Syndrome

    and joints. Other parts of the body which can be affected are the hands, chest, torso and the length or tallness. For those who play sports this disease can end their careers. Due to the pressure around the heart, lungs and blood vessels heavy activity is could lead to death. I chose this topic because I was tested for Marfan Syndrome due to large hands which are referred to as basket hands and for having an indented chest cavity. Information about all of these parts of the body and how they…

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  • Pros And Cons Of A Conscious Animal

    immediately. CPR AND CHEST COMPRESSIONS: HOW TO PERFORM? Only perform CPR if your pet has lost breath. Do not attempt on a conscious animal. Always follow the ABC order (check AIRWAY, BREATHING & CIRCULATION) when performing CPR on your pet. AIRWAY – Lay your pet on its side and open the aiway by extending the head and the neck, until the neck is straight. BREATHING – Hold your pet’s mouth shut and forcefully blow with your mouth over their nose; just enough to make your pet’s chest rise. …

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  • Pecus Excavatum Case

    with Pectus Excavatum, a condition where the breast bone sinks directly into the chest. This condition is three to five times more common in boys than girls. Pectus Excavatum affects approximately 1 out of 400-1000 children ("Pediatric Surgery - Pectus Excavatum," n.d.) and becomes more severe as the child matures. Surgery to correct the deformity is typically performed when the patient is still young because the chest hasn’t fully developed and the bones are more malleable compared to adults.…

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