Chemical decomposition

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  • Cesium-137 Effect On Half Life

    Along the lines of rate laws come half-lives. Such a common topic that comes to mind with half-lives is the decay of radioactive elements, or the time it takes for a certain sample of an element to reach half of its original size. For example, during the Chernobyl power plant incident in 1986, one of the most dangerous elements to begin its decay was Cesium-137 which has a half-life of 30 years. Therefore, people can’t move back to the area because of the deadly amounts of Cesium-137 still…

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  • Love Does Not Rejoice In Unrighteousness Analysis

    In Greek, this is an onomatopoetic word. This means it’s a word that imitates the sounds associated with the objects or actions it refers to (like the word buzz in English sounds like the sound a bee makes when he is flying around). The word zeloo imitates the sound of boiling water, and it literally means to bubble over because it’s so hot! In a positive sense, zeloo is to be zealous in the pursuit of good, to desire earnestly, to strive after, to pursue, to be eager to possess. In the…

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  • How Does Chemistry Affect The Body

    hair growth all deal with chemistry in their own way. They all have certain chemical reactions and chemical changes that affect the way our bodies work. Even though we study different curriculums during chemistry such as the chemical equations, chemical reactions, and other things we have learned go far beyond what is said in class. During food digestion there are chemical and physical changes occurring. One chemical change for example would be, metabolic rate which is the rate of…

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  • Fungi And Temperature Essay

    Effect of temperature Temperature has a profound influence on the rate of all processes occurring in living organisms including fungi and it may determine the type of reproduction, the morphology of the organism and the nutrients required. For any particular organism, the minimum and maximum temperatures are the lowest and highest at which growth occurs, and the optimum is that at which the growth rate is the greatest.Majority of fungi are mesophylls and grow at moderate temperature.These values…

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  • Intermolecular Force Lab Report

    In this lab, the guiding question is “How does the surface tension and relative intermolecular forces compare between certain substances?” In order to fully understand this guiding question, we have to know what is the surface tension and intermolecular force. The definition of surface tension is “the inward force, or pull, that tends to minimize the surface area of a liquid, and the definition of intermolecular force is the force, or pull, between the molecular which has polar…

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  • Maggot Movement Research

    The Effect Of Temperature On The Rate Of Maggot Movement. Environmental Systems and Societies ---Planning Lab--- Gaurav Iyer Research Question To what extent does the temperature affect the movement of Maggots? Introduction The Experiment aims to analyze the behaviour of the maggots. In this case, behaviour is defined as the way organisms respond to their environment. In the experiment, the orientation of the movement of organisms and gametes in response…

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  • John Dalton's Atomic Theory

    that make up chemical compounds. Throughout the rest of 18th century, investigation into chemical species continued and soon experimentation gave rise to laws and theories. One of the most…

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  • Social Norms Analysis

    In every society there are rules and guidelines needed to operate properly. Without these expectations, groups of the society wouldn’t know how to act when an encounter with others or know how to behave. These are called norms. Norms are social expectations that guide behavior. Norms explain why people do what they do in given situations. When these norms are broken they are often met with sanctions. Sanctions are the reactions people receive when breaking a norm, they can either be expressions…

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  • Water Quality Lab Report

    like sea weed and algae which grow half in and out of water photosynthesise, the oxygen output gets sent both above the water into the atmosphere and also in the water. Photosynthesis is the process of light energy from the sun being converted into chemical energy for a…

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  • The Periodic Table: The Discovery Of Elements

    The periodic table we know today is very organized and accurate. It shows all of the elements that have been discovered and has them arranged and by their chemical properties, atomic masses, and electron configurations. In order to construct the periodic table, every element had to be discovered. Elements such as gold, tin, lead, and copper have been widely known and used since ancient times, however, the first discovery of an element wasn’t made until 1649 by Hennig Brand when he discovered…

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