Charles II of Spain

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  • Why The Spanish Armada Failed?

    The Spanish Armada Philip II of Spain was given the keys to success by his father Charles V. Philip was left with vast economic resources coming in by the boatload from Spanish colonies in the new world, the strongest state in Europe at the time and the state on the verge of achieving a Spanish hegemony. Yet Philip II still managed to fail even with all these major advantages over other states. One major defining factor in his failure to achieve a Spanish Hegemony was the defeat of the…

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  • Essay On Protestant Reformation

    In Spain, King Charles V and his son Phillip II spent much of their lives fighting wars that emerged due to the Reformation, such as the War with the Huns. King Charles “undertook the war with greater energy and better equipment than before” and it showed as the desert palace of Khan “no longer has a trace of human population, which testifies…

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  • Thirty Years War Essay

    The Thirty Years’ War, which lasted from 1618-1648, ravaged Europe for three decades aimed at the control of Germany by the Habsburg House that had ruled the Holy Roman Empire since the fifteenth century. This war was sparked by the Protestant Reformation that had begun in 1517. Though the war was destructive on all accounts, it did help shape today’s modern Europe. This essay will evaluate the Thirty Years’ War and how it helped form the modern state of Europe. The Thirty Years’ War was both…

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  • Jean Heritier's Catherine De Medici

    Medici. This section begins with Part II. The Accession and ends with Part III Ch.II, Machiavellism and Maternal Love. When the last part ended, Catherine’s eldest son Francois II had just died, kicking the Guises, who had been controlling him through their niece, his wife, out of power. With no heirs, Francois was replaced by his younger brother Charles IX, who was only nine at the time. Catherine was made Governess of France, essentially ruling in Charles’ place until he was old enough to rule…

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  • The Golden Age Of Piracy

    the ships and all his treasure and solute with without being captured or killed in battle ivory or every wasn't always a pirate though he actually started his career on the sea in the British Navy after being discharged he was commissioned by Charles II of Spain to pray the friendships and eventually became captain of the ship the fancy was the name of the ship after the crew was mutinies average the ship or every went on to…

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  • Hernan Cortes

    Hernan Cortes was born on December 2, 1485 in Medellin, Castile, Spain. His family was an upper class family, although his parents weren't wealthy. He was born of Spanish nobility. His parents' names were Martin Cortes and Catalina Pizarro Altamira no. At the age of fourteen Cortes`s parents sent to study law at the University of Salamanca. He wasn't happy at school, too restless to follow the rules. He did learn a little Latin, and became good at writing. After two years (failing his course),…

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  • Venus And Adonis Analysis

    painted Venus and Adonis in about 1554; during a period known as the High Renaissance. Venus and Adonis is a workshop copy of one of Titian’s earlier paintings of the same name, created as a part of a six-piece series commissioned by King Phillip II of Spain. Titian called the paintings in this series ‘poesie’, or poems, because each illustrates a mythological story inspired by ‘Metamorphoses’ by the Roman poet Ovid. Titian’s other works in this series include Danaë, Perseus and Andromeda, The…

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  • Importance Of Filipinoism In The Philippines

    However, due to effective fights of Muslims and Igorots to Christianity, Spain quite failed in fulfilling its objective. King Philip II ordered a bloodless pacification in the Philippines. The Philippines Under Spanish Regime The church and state were link accordingly in Spanish policy, with the state taking the responsibilities for religious organizations…

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  • Causes Of Attitudes Of The Colonists

    based on financial benefits. The goal they wished to accomplish was the discovery or creation of a water passage meant to procure gold and other rare products that would help the English financially free themselves from their dependence on trade with Spain. Clearly their interests were not spiritual, but profane; they were simply investors hoping for rich profit. The variety of social classes and genders of the Pilgrims and the Jamestown colonist were very different. The Pilgrims were mostly…

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  • Negative Effects Of Conquistadors

    great men. Unless your definition of a great man is one who invades civilizations, sparking the genocide of million all after his lust for gold then yes they were. The conquistadors ' motives successfully fulfilled since they gained new territory for Spain and spread Catholicism. The Aztec were struck ill because the Spanish brought disease. The conquistadors had developed weaponry and body armor. The civilizations also mistook conquistadors riding horses as gods. The Black Legend is the idea…

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