Chancellor of the Exchequer

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  • Uk Trade Patterns Essay

    The balance on trade figures shows that from 1973-74 UK had difficulties in restricting imports; the deficit on net exports increased by vast fromUS$ -3958367690 to US$ -9161318512(see table 2). However since 1975 U.K has attempted to decrease these deficits from about US$-3437500272 to a surplus net exports US$ 13346502440 until 1980(see table 2).Interestingly, UK managed to accomplish this positive outcome by evaluating industry performance in home and overseas markets (Hitiris&Bedrossian…

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  • Child Poverty Case Study

    Firstly, the relative low income indicates the children in households below the sixty percent of median income. Secondly, the absolute low income, which indicate the children in households below sixty percent of 2010/11 median income up rated in line with inflation. Thirdly, combined low income and material deprivation indicates the children below 70 percent of median income together with as yet an undefined material deprivation index. Fourthly, the persistent low income is to be defined in 2014…

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