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  • Anthony Davis Childhood

    Anthony Davis Dayshon Reddin Introduction 3,2,1 cohosh, and there goes Anthony Davis. Slam dunk into the History of Anthony Davis with me this guy is an amazing dude come on let’s check him out. Child hood Anthony Marshon Davis was born in march 11 1993 he was one of the people in the famous birthdays list. Anthony Davis was growing up in Chicago, and Chicago is where he born at. When he was a kid he went to Perspective charter school. Anthony Davis had two sisters and no brothers…

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  • Narrative Essay On Kevin Durant Jersey

    Ever since I was young, I have always been a huge NFL and MLB fan, but basketball never really appealed to me. After some time, I eventually began to love the sport of basketball just as I loved baseball and football. I have received autographs from all different players from all different sports, but my most cherished autographed merchandise is my autographed Kevin Durant jersey. It is very valuable to me because Kevin Durant is the reason that I began to watch basketball and he served as a…

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  • Michael Jord America's Best Basketball Player

    Michael Jordan was a basketball player for the Chicago Bulls. He was arguably the best basketball player to ever live. He also was an actor who starred in the movie “Space Jam”. Along with an actor and basketball player, he played baseball for the White Sox too. If that's not enough, he is also a businessman who owns the Charlotte Bobcats. He even donates to so many charities. Just one example was last year when he won a court case for 8.5 million dollars. He gave all of it to children's…

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  • College Basketball Vs Nba

    Many significant rules were added the the game of basketball throughout the 50s and 60s. In 1951, the lane or key’s width was changed from 6 feet to 12 feet (Evolution). This allowed a greater chance for a team to be able to rebound. The game was dominated by tall men at the time and it was tough to rebound. This made it much easier. Later in 1954, a 24 second shot clock was introduced into the NBA (Evolution). If a team did not shoot the ball within 24 seconds, the ball would be turned over to…

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  • Jordan Basketball History

    Nylan Brown Mixner November 3rd The Game The Game of Basketball, the game that is played all over the world and loved by majority people on this world. The Game has amazing stories behind its history, and also amazing people. Michael Jordan the 6 time NBA Champion, Kobe Bryant the 5 time NBA champion that is still working on his Sixth to be tied with the Great Jordan. These Two are just two of the best that has ever played the game. Do you know when The Game was created, and by who? In…

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  • Rob Senderoff Leadership Style

    Following the end of an injury-plagued 19-13 (10-8 Mid-American Conference) season head coach Rob Senderoff knew that he’d have to replace the contributions made by graduating seniors Chris Ortiz, Xavier Pollard and Kaliq Spicer. What he didn’t know that he’d also lose his starting point guard, key bench players, a staff member and his star power forward. The month of April began with an announcement that redshirt junior guard Kellon Thomas be transferring to a school closer to home for his…

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  • Basketball Experience Analysis

    Basketball was not a part of my life until I was 14. My first experience was not playing a court, but playing with NBA Live. The strategy and dynamics behind the game was captivating, and this inspired me to play with a real ball and real players. I first began playing street basketball with my friends in freshman year. The basics of dribbling, shooting, and passing were difficult for me, especially playing with others that had multiple years of experience. On the other hand, aspects of…

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  • Lebron James

    Lebron James vs. Michael Jordan: The Real Question During college, there is going to be one Friday night where everybody is hanging out in the lobby watching basketball. Basketball and the most popular basketball players are being talked about. Yet, no one has the accurate information on the true legends of basketball. When the crowd is watching Lebron James, they are always comparing him to Michael Jordan. It is important that basketball fans know the true facts behind their favorite…

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  • Threat To The Heat Case Study

    Can the Hornets pose a threat to the Heat? The Miami Heat and Charlotte Hornets will play in the first round in a three-six matchup. This is not a usual Eastern Conference three=six matchup, as the Heat and Hornets actually ended up with identical 48-34 records. It will be the second time in three years these two teams will meet in the first round. This matchup will be a lot different from the 2014 meeting. That year the Heat were the top seed in the East on their way to a fourth straight finals…

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  • Denver Nuggets And Washington Wizards: Case Study

    The Denver Nuggets and Washington Wizards are two teams that are struggling on the early going of the NBA regular season. Now, reports are floating that both teams are figuring out a possible trade deal with each other and it seems that John Wall name was dragged on this rumored deal. Wall, who's being linked to be traded to the Los Angeles Lakers and Philadelphia 76ers just recently, is again in the spotlight of rumors swirling around the league today. And the Wizards is considering to break…

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