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  • The Chicago Bulls Game Analysis

    The youngest player to ever be named MVP. Three time All Star in the NBA. Nevertheless the Bulls just traded the best player that they have had in decades, but what for? The Bulls only received in return a pitiful horde. The Chicago Bulls traded Derrick Rose to the New York Knicks over the summer, which was definitely in the Knicks favor due to the fact that Rose was a former MVP of the league. The official trade was Derrick Rose, Justin Holiday and a 2017 first round draft pick from the Bulls…

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  • College Basketball Vs Nba

    Many significant rules were added the the game of basketball throughout the 50s and 60s. In 1951, the lane or key’s width was changed from 6 feet to 12 feet (Evolution). This allowed a greater chance for a team to be able to rebound. The game was dominated by tall men at the time and it was tough to rebound. This made it much easier. Later in 1954, a 24 second shot clock was introduced into the NBA (Evolution). If a team did not shoot the ball within 24 seconds, the ball would be turned over to…

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  • Jordan Basketball History

    Nylan Brown Mixner November 3rd The Game The Game of Basketball, the game that is played all over the world and loved by majority people on this world. The Game has amazing stories behind its history, and also amazing people. Michael Jordan the 6 time NBA Champion, Kobe Bryant the 5 time NBA champion that is still working on his Sixth to be tied with the Great Jordan. These Two are just two of the best that has ever played the game. Do you know when The Game was created, and by who? In…

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  • Basketball Experience Analysis

    Basketball was not a part of my life until I was 14. My first experience was not playing a court, but playing with NBA Live. The strategy and dynamics behind the game was captivating, and this inspired me to play with a real ball and real players. I first began playing street basketball with my friends in freshman year. The basics of dribbling, shooting, and passing were difficult for me, especially playing with others that had multiple years of experience. On the other hand, aspects of…

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  • The Season Of The Toronto Raptors Team

    Despite wrapping up the most successful regular season in franchise history, there is a general sense around the league that the Toronto Raptors have accomplished nothing. 21 seasons of (mostly) underachievement doesn’t help. 1 playoff series win and 7 playoff series losses don’t help. Zero best-of-seven playoff series wins definitely won’t help. Consecutive playoff series losses as the higher seed……well, you get the picture! Are you still reading? Because that’s all the negativity you’re…

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  • Racial Segregation In Basketball

    The fight against racial segregation in professional basketball Racial segregation and basketball may seem like two separate topics; however, they had a substantial impact on each other during the 1900’s. Racial segregation was a prominent problem for African Americans in their daily lives but they were also mistreated in professional sports. They were rarely allowed to play in professional leagues because of the colour of their skin instead of being respected for their talent. Although in the…

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  • Reflective Essay: The Differences Between Basketball And Mistakes

    Mistakes are Okay Basketball is a place in my life where I have naturally made mistakes. In a fast paced game where decisions are made in split seconds, even the biggest superstars in the world like Michael Jordan make mistakes. I have made plenty, and mistakes can be absorbed two ways. You can either accept the mistake and move on, or dwell about it and harm yourself. The most important part about being wrong is learning from it. Fixing mistakes can improve yourself as a person. This idea seems…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of The Mw Effect By Malcolm Gladwell

    A 14 time All Star, 6 time NBA Champion, a Hall of Famer, and much more, all of these successes from one amazing basketball player, one as good may never appear in the NBA again. Many immediately think of Michael Jordan, and have asked how Jordan was so good. In the chapter “The Matthew Effect”, Malcolm Gladwell argues how it is not only skill that results in being successful, but that it is the time when you were born, saying that being born in the first six months of the year gives more time…

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  • No Role Modelz By Langston Hughes

    Literary Essay Draft Many successful people throughout years have been influenced by others. For example many current NBA players have been influenced by Michael Jordan. Now there are also other ways people can influence you, for example people that help you make better decisions. Or others who teach you lessons. In the short story “Thank You, M’am” by Langston Hughes, and the song “ No Role Modelz” by J. Cole both narrators express the theme: having someone in your life can influence you for…

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  • Comparing Volponi's Black And White

    Life is full of many obstacles and challenges that get in the way of the things that you Want. The novel, Black and White, by Paul Volponi, shows this in the journey to their dreams through the protagonist’s Eddie and Marcus. They high school boys are looking for a scholarship to a college on a basketball opportunity. Two friends, one black, one white, an unlikely pair in a town full of racism. They will figure out how to work together throughout these tough times. Marcus and Eddies friendship,…

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