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  • Michael Jordan Achievements

    There are a handful of players you think of when you think of the greatest NBA players ever, whether it be statistically or just the one that captured you, or your parents hearts as kids growing up. Who is really the best? Michael Jordan is absolutely, without a doubt the greatest basketball player ever. What makes Michael the best from the other greats like, Hakeem Olajuwon, Bill Russell, Wilt Chamberlain, and Elgin Baylor? Many things separate him from the others, not just his scoring,…

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  • Creative Writing: Oklahoma City Thunder

    legitimately competing for a single player, in the name of Kevin Durant. The Wizards recently picked former Thunder coach Scott Brooks for Durant-related reasons, other teams like the Celtics have formidable assets to theoretically trade for another NBA big name, but would an NBA superstar like Durant really opt for Boston Celtics? For Heat, it’s a little bit different is that for as long as Pat Riley is in charge of the team, it's impossible to disregard the teams’ ability to lure big-time free…

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  • How Did Magic Johnson Influence Modern Society

    Magic Johnson: The All-Around Great Earvin Johnson, better known as “Magic Johnson” was a star basketball player who has admitted to having sex with 300-500 different women. Because of this, Magic contracted HIV. Magic is also still the all-time NBA leader in assists in the post-season with an outstanding 2,346 assists. Magic Johnson has benefitted modern society by making the NBA more popular with fans and inspiring many African Americans to play in the basketball in the NBA, raising…

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  • Michael Jordan Competitiveness

    touchdowns, which is one of the best years the NFL has ever seen. The next major point that makes greats, greats is what they do on the court in the terms of their competitiveness, and the legacy that they left on the court, field, diamond, or rink. Competitiveness and attitude are not the same thing but they are sometimes linked together for some reason, the definition of competitiveness is to have a strong desire to compete or to succeed and in my opinion the athletes that have a competitive…

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  • Massive Heart Attack Short Story

    Malique Moore ENG 1113, Online C. Windham 12 June 2016 Massive Heart Attack Imagine smelling burnt rubber on a hot Mississippi evening, being stranded in the dark waiting for help to come, imagine never seeing your nineteenth birthday. The day my friends and I almost died, my car had a flat tire, and I didn’t have any money. It was one of the scariest days of my life. I learned that in a matter of hours situations can go from good too bad. The day started off real nice. My friends and I…

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  • Michael Jordan's Influence In America

    Michael Jordan ‘’I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can't accept not trying.’’ - Michael Jordan Michael Jordan was born February 17,1963 in Brooklyn, New york city. His parents are James R. Jordan Sr. and Delories Jordan. Jordan has 5 children, 3 boys and 2 girls. Jordan has been married twice, and is currently not married. Michael jordan most influential in America because he didn’t give up when he failed, He overcame doubts, and he gives back to the community daily.…

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  • Lamar Odom Research Paper

    Lamar Odom is an American basketball player who is familiar for playing 7 seasons with the Los Angeles Lakers and for his wedding to reality star Khloé Kardashian. Synopsis Lamar Odom born on 6 Nov 1979, in Queens, New York. Lamar Odom used basket ball to help him all the way through a traumatic childhood. As a high school be prominent, he was titeld Player of the Year by Parade publication. After declaring his eligibility for the National Basketball Association (NBA) Draft subsequent his…

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  • Evolution Of Basketball Research Paper

    Over the past 100 years, basketball has evolved significantly. Many things have developed within the game of basketball for the better. Basketball went from the original 13 rules to over 100 today, but its foundation still remains the same. Things that have changed to make the game more intriguing is the scoring, the way things are timed, and the diversity the National Basketball Association (NBA) and the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) have in today. In the late 1800s and early…

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  • Pride: Why Saul Disobeys God

    Pride is one of the few words in the English language that everybody can identify with. Pride is actually a good thing to have because if a person has pride in what he does it makes him do it better. If a person is working a job and has pride in what he does, he tends to put forth his best effort and try to become the best employee he can. Pride is a thing that can cause people to feel a sense of satisfaction even if they fail. As long as they give their best, they are satisfied. But as the…

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  • Lebron James Advertising

    Are You A Witness? The first Nike shoe was designed with a waffle maker in 1971. The purpose behind the idea was to create a shoe with more traction for the runners that wear the shoe. Nike has grown from being a distributor for a Japanese shoe company, to a designing its own shoe with a waffle maker, to becoming multi-billion dollar athletic wear company. As the company has grown, so has its partnerships and advertisements, and with that growth it has made came incredible opportunities to…

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