Catholic Church hierarchy

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  • The Western Schism: Divide In The Catholic Church

    The Western Schism was a divide in the Catholic Church from the years 1378 to 1417. This divided caused three people to be the Pope at the same time in 1409. Not to be confused with the Great Schism in 1054 which created the Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Churches. This division created tension in Europe as different countries supported different Popes. The divide happened because Pope Clement V moved to Avignon, a town in East France, in the early 1300s. Allowing the French king more control…

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  • John Calvin's Influence On The Early Church

    One of the key figures in church history is John Calvin. John Calvin is someone who radically changed the early Christian Church. Similar to Luther, Calvin was someone who drove the Reformation forward. Calvin however had slightly different beliefs from Luther, especially when it came to the sacraments. This paper will explore who John Calvin was, how he differed from Luther, and what his main teachings were. The doctrine of Calvinism helped shape the early church, and is still held true by…

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  • Monk And A Mallet Changed The World: Chapter Summary

    Stephen Nichols, is a book to inform the reader about the Catholic Reformation. This book was not exactly intriguing, and did not appeal to the reader at most times. Martin Luther, a monk, used his mallet to attach his 95 theses to the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg, hence the title of the book. The strokes of his mallet echoed all throughout the continent, and along with other reformers, his 95 theses would greatly change the Catholic religion throughout Europe. In the first chapter,…

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  • The Influence Of Pope Urban II

    had risen to conflict. The Catholic Kingdoms had originated from the Roman Empire after the civilization had fallen. The Kingdoms expanded its territory from present day France through present day Hungary; essentially Western Europe (Crusades Map). In the Catholic Kingdoms, the Pope had control of all church affairs, and the priest had control over a single church (Ellis 217-218). During the late 12th century, the Holy Father was Pope Urban II. Pope Urban II was a Catholic Christian and was in…

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  • Catholic Church Vocation Research Paper

    pressing issues the Christian church faces today is with its vocations. The problem is the increasing lack of vocations to ministry and service to the church due to a number of pre-existing issues the church has been facing in recent years. These issues alone were already notable; however the evident decrease in vocations has quickly become a much larger issue for the church {footnote}. The reason as to why a decrease of vocations is a major problem for the church is (in my opinion) best…

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  • Revelations Of Divine Love Analysis

    Julian of Norwich, in her Revelations of Divine Love, synthesizes the asceticism which had permeated the Roman Catholic Church from its earliest history with the philosophical advancements made by Saint Thomas Aquinas only one hundred and fifty years before her. She does this seamlessly and almost certainly unintentionally, demonstrating that the philosophical developments of Saint Thomas Aquinas were familiar concepts to her such that they shaped her mystic religious view. Despite the…

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  • Essay On The Roman Catholic Church Reformation

    societal revolution, with the aim of reforming the Catholic church’s practices and doctrines, which fundamentally changed the face of Western civilization. In early 16th century Europe, Catholicism was the sole religion of the English people. The Roman Catholic Church was the prime focus in their lives, serving as a guide to a moral and virtuous life, bringing them closer to God. It was when the church itself was corrupt, and the supremacy of the church held a higher value then the reading of…

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  • Buddhism Similarities And Differences Essay

    the world today, they all share a similar thought or focus. From Zen Buddhism to groups formed by the infamous Al Qaida groups, they seem to continue to increase in community as well as there similarities and differences. Within such religions, Catholics and Protestants fall into a mere discussion of the “what if’s”, “how comes” and “what differences”. Both known around the world, the two religions have differences between them that have real occurrences and affirmations that cause them to…

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  • Arguments Against Evangelism

    Why are churches electing not to use social media for evangelism? Could this disregard for creative and innovative “evangelism” in using social media as a tool for outreach be a missed opportunity to increase church attendance? The Vatican’s chief media strategist says the Catholic Church can no longer ignore the opportunities for evangelization that the Internet offers. Furthermore,…

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  • Religious Persecution In Medieval Europe

    of breaking ethical standards. Likely causes to these recurring instances of persecution may have stemmed from the lack of diversity, as well as the influential religious authority of the Catholic Church. Moreover, it is these persecutions of differing beliefs and backgrounds…

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