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  • Pros And Cons Of Online Bingo

    Vernons Bingo Review Introduction Online bingo has become the game of games in the UK, as more and more players are now looking to the numbered balls when it comes to gambling. Online bingo as a game is generating serious momemtum; hundreds of online bingo sites have popped up all over the place in recent years, with Vernons Bingo certainly being in the mix. Starting life back in 2011 under the name Littlewoods Bingo, what’s clear is that Vernons Bingo is now well and truly over its infancy,…

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  • Who Is Victor Lustig: Hero Or Fool?

    Lustig was a clever and gifted student, he decided to go against the wish of his parents and ran away from home at the age of 18, which shows that Lustig was a rebellious child. Not much educated, as he had only finished high school, Lustig went to casinos quite a lot and began to gamble and play poker. He started to play these gambling and poker tricks on many people around him,…

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  • Mermaid Slot Game

    Mermaid’s Gold (Amatic) //copy// Mermaid’s Gold is easily one of the fanciest slot games that we’ve reviewed in a while if we’re being honest. That’s not to say that it’s better or worse than some of the other titles that we’ve presented in the past, but it is definitely one of the prettiest to look at. Mermaid’s Gold has been released by Amatic, a newcomer that has shown a lot of promise since it gatecrashed the online casino scene. In this particular release from the developer you’ll find…

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  • Bingo Research Paper

    Top 5 no deposit Bingo sites The very traditional game of bingo, is no more untouched from the ever growing technology. The arrival of online Bingo brought many players to this game, who never would have considered playing this before. Some Bingo sites offer a great deal called no deposit Bingo sites. These free no deposit bingo sites offer players a chance to play this game without making any initial deposit. However, the player has to deposit the amount to withdraw any winnings. They are a…

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  • Social Impacts Of Gambling In Macau

    River Delta in southwest China, which is often called the “Las Vegas of the Orient” (Kong et al., 2015); for its 36 casinos that have contributed $44.1 billion in gaming revenue which is 7 times the annual gaming revenue income in Las Vegas (Greenwood et al., 2014). Consequently, the legalization of gambling in 1847, Macau has been the lead of the gambling industry in Asian casinos (Wan, 2012), it was not until 2001 that the government in Macau allowed foreign investors to bid on gaming…

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  • Arguments Against Gambling Regulation

    More effective ways to reduce problem gambling include: reducing the number of casinos, reducing the number of machines in the casino and decreasing the hours of operation for the casinos. First, research done by University at Buffalo Research Institute on Addictions showed that residents within 16 kilometers of a casino were 90% more likely to become problem gamblers. The research suggested this is true because individuals were more likely to start…

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  • Gambling Essay

    lotteries and casinos only grew more popular. As of today, forty-nine of the fifty states have multiple casinos, Hawaii being the only state that does not allow gambling houses. Many are divided on whether or not a casino benefits a state’s economy. Although there seems to be short-run benefits to an economy’s…

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  • Gambling Pros And Cons

    Jorge D. Leon Mrs. Martinez English 3 3/31/16 Gambling “Casino gambling is colorful and dramatic and theatrical” – Steve Wynn is correct because there is so much more to casinos, and this is all made possible by gambling (Gambling Quotes). Gambling is a HUGE controversial topic, because they are the supporters who see all the advantages of gambling and the critics of gambling who say that it is a bad thing because it can lead to addiction and sometimes even depression. However gambling is a…

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  • Gambling And Stereotypes

    important when understanding what type of destination a tourist would be visiting. Across the globe, casinos are located as not only a tourist attraction,…

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  • Hikkaduwa Case Study

    Hikkaduwa has been attracting tourists for the past few decades. Hikkaduwa is known amongst tourists for its pristine beaches, Surfing spots, Corel reef and many activities thus increasing competition amongst all the lodges in the area no matter the scale or the type of accommodation each provides. Rivalry is fierce in the industry because barriers to entry are relatively low, Many guest houses does not adhere to tourist board regulations hence the startup costs remain lower for these illegal…

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