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  • Schiff Bases Case Study

    Schiff Bases: Schiff bases are amongst the important class of drugs containing imine or azoethine (-C=N-) moiety,have been obtained by the condensation of primary amines and carbonyl compounds.It was first time presented by the Hugo schiff (Cimerman et al, 2000). Schiff bases are one of the most important class of organic drugs widely used in variety of different fields such as analytical, biological, and inorganic chemistry.The schiff bases heve been designed to synthesize more and more novel…

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  • Ceramic-Polybenzoxazine Composites Case Study

    In this work we have prepared ceramic-polybenzoxazine composites based on poly(P-ddm) as matrix reinforced by 0, 3, 5, 7, 10, 15, and 20 wt.% of GX-540 silane-treated nano-Cr2O3 filler via a solution blending method in THF. These nanocomposites are used as new organic coating materials. The effect Cr2O3 nanofillers inclusion on the viscoelastic properties of poly(P-ddm) is studied using dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA). Figure 76 illustrates the change in the storage modulus at 50oC and…

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  • 8.2 Fullerene Synthesis Lab Report

    In September of 1985 Kroto, Heath, O’Brien, Curl, and Smalley were investigating sources of the long carbon chain molecules in the interstellar medium and how they might be related to soot formation.1 Smalley developed a laser vaporization cluster beam apparatus that allowed for the mass-spectrometric study of stable clusters formed in a helium-entrained plasma produced by a pulse of laser aimed on at a solid target.2 This experimental technique was a very important discovery to cluster science…

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  • Carbon Nanotubes Research Paper

    spacecraft carbon nanotubes are expected to used. Rocket propulsion, of course, includes combustion. Combustion is where a substance reacts with oxygen and gives off heat. The source of oxygen is called an oxidizer…

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  • Negative Effects Of Carbon 14 Isotope

    the essay is carbon 14 isotope. Carbon is found in all living things and is the building block for organic material, there is carbon 12, 13 and 14 and they all have different properties. This isotope was discovered on February 27, 1940 by Martin Karmen and Sam Ruben and is the most radioactive out of all carbon isotopes. The relative abundance of it is >0.1% (trace amount) and its relative mass is 14.003241. It has 6 protons and 8 neutrons. This particular isotope is found in all carbon…

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  • Umpolung Synthesis Lab Report

    In Experiment 12B we used an umpolung reagent in an umpolung synthesis to synthesize benzoin from benzaldehyde. Umpolung synthesis is a synthetic approach that allows us to switch the identity of a reacting species. For example, the normal chemical reactivity of a nucleophile can be switched to one of an electrophilic compound. Two common agents are cyanide and thiamine (Vitamin B). The mechanisms for both agents are the same. In this experiment, thiamine was used to turn benzaldehyde, an…

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  • Distant Lands By Tim Winton Analysis

    Distant lands, by Tim Winton is a short novel that has resonated with me as a reader by its ideas expressed on the subject matter of family, multiculturalism and human desires. This is done through the language convention: simple sentences, point of view and the actions of its main character Fat Maz. Fat Maz is the main protagonist who is used to present the idea of family that has evoked in me a sense of appreciation and gratefulness towards my parents for the things they have done for me since…

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  • Diamonds: The Hope Diamond In The World

    Diamonds. These small and rare rocks have been considered prized possessions throughout the ages. Diamonds are as old as the earth itself, and ever since their discovery they have captivated humans. Diamonds have come to represent many things, but in this paper, I will focus on power. I will track a certain diamond through its’ dated 350-year period, and use it to understand the individuals who owned it and the power it gave them. The diamond I refer to is the hope diamond. The Hope diamond is…

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  • Explain Why Small Covalent Substances Have Different Properties From Macro Molecules

    Why small covalent substances have different properties from macro molecules? • Simple covalent substances will only contain a few atoms that are held by strong covalent bonds for example co2 the molecules contain one atom of carbon that is bonded with 2 oxygen atoms. The intermolecular forces causes the small covalent structures to have a low melting/boiling points, they don’t conduct electricity because they don’t have any free electrons or an electric charge overall. • Macro molecules will…

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  • 1 Chlorobutane And 2-Bromobutane Lab Report

    iodide attacks the delta positive alpha carbon forming an intermediate that has a partially formed C-I bond and a partially broken bond between carbon and the delta negative leaving group. The stereochemistry is inverted at the alpha carbon as the C-I bond fully forms. Then the leaving group comes off of the molecule taking the electrons it shared with the alpha carbon. The reason that only 1-chlorobutane and 1-bromobutane formed a precipitate is because the carbon that bears the leaving group…

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