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  • Cyclohexene Lab Report

    Cyclohexene distillation A fraction containing primarily cyclohexene primarily cyclohexene and water is separated from raw cyclohexanone in Cyclohexene column. Raw Cyclohexanone is fed from storage tank to Cyclohexene Column via Cyclohexene heater. In Cyclohexene Heater, the feed is heated up to about 1200C with the heat carried by the bottom product from Alcohols column. The Cyclohexene column is operated at atmospheric pressure and temperatures of 850C at top and 1650C at bottom. The vapours…

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  • Transformational Isomerist Analysis

    staggered conformation,dihedral angle and a few more. Eclipsed conformation is the conformation whereby the C-H bonds on one carbon is directly aligned with the C-H bonds of the adjacent carbon. When the C-H bond of one carbon bisects the H-C-H bond on the adjacent carbon, it is known as staggered conformation. Dihedral angle is the angle which separates the the bond on carbon atom from another bond of the adjacent atom. The conformer is each possible structure of the isomerism. Conformational…

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  • Zingerone Essay

    2. Materials and methods 2.1. Chemicals Zingerone was obtained from Alfa Aesar, Heysham, UK. Cisplatin, Bradford reagent, trichloroacetic acid (TCA), thiobarbituric acid (TBA), reduced glutathione (GSH), glacial metaphosphoric acid (Gmpa), 5,5ˊ-dithiobis-(2-nitrobenzoic acid) (DTNB), proteinase K and agarose were purchased from Sigma-Aldrich Co, MO, USA. All other chemicals and solvents used were of the highest purity grade available. 2.2. Animals Sixty Adult male albino rats (180-200g) were…

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  • Polyurethane Gloves Essay

    In gloves industry, and for the maximum care of hands, Polyurethane-made gloves has shown the most remarkable effect than any other material. Known as one of the most versatile quality polymers, Polyurethane gloves are in huge demands at the consumer end. Well, what are the qualities that make a Polyurethane glove the best? To be honest, you can't find much stronger grip (and no sticky sensation) in a glove made by Polyurethane than any other material. The other qualities of this material are…

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  • Diels Alder Reaction Lab Report

    Diels-Alder Reaction Objective: The objective of this lab was to do a diels-alder reaction using anthracene, maleic anhydride, and xylene to create 9,10-dihydroanthracene, 10-, -succinic acid anhydride. Experimental: Anthracene (1.00g, 5.61x 10-3 mol), maleic anhydride (0.75g, 7.61x 10-3 mol), xylene (5mL, 4.71x 10-2 mol), and a stir rod were added into a round-bottomed flask. The round-bottom flask was then moved to the hood where the it was attached to a distillation column, placed on…

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  • Oxysterol Essay

    The role of oxysterols in human body and disease 1. Introduction Oxysterols are 27-carbon derivatives of cholesterol created by spontaneous or enzymatic oxidation (Figure 1, (Brown and Jessup, 2009)). The oxidation of cholesterol occurs either on the side chain or on the sterol core. Side chain oxidation generates, e.g., 24-hydroxycholesterol (24-HC), 25-hydroxycholesterol (25-HC) or 27-hydroxycholesterol (27-HC) while the core oxidation gives rise to ring oxysterols, mostly ring-B oxysterols,…

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  • 2-Aminobenzophenone Lab Report

    In pursuit of our continued interest in the development of solvent-free and green synthetic procedures, we decided to explore the use of tartaric acid catalyst for synthesis of polysubstituted quinolines via Friedlander condensation in high to excellent yields at 70 °C under solvent-free conditions. Initially the reaction between 2-aminobenzophenone (1.0 mmol) and dimedone (1.0 mmol), as the model reaction was examined in the presence varying amount of tartaric acid as catalyst and the results…

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  • Synthesis Of Phthalocyanines

    macrocyclic organic molecules Phthalocyanines (1) which are comparable to the naturally occurring porphyrin (2) ring systems shown in (Figure 1). The porphyrin molecule consists up of four pyrrole subunits which are associated in n-conjugation by methine carbons. 1 2 Figure 1: structures of phthalocyanine and porphyrins molcule The compound Phthalocyanine molecule consist of four…

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  • What Is The Concentration Of K-Humate

    The zeolite XRD analysis result showed that it is 100% Clinoptilolite ─ Ca with the chemical formula Si29.04Al6.96O96.40Na1.92Ca1.57Ba0.32K0.56Mg0.72. Particle size distribution and Zeta potential for minerals have been carried out using Zeta sizer nano series (Nano ZS), Malvern, UK - Size range (nm):0.6:6000 nm and Zeta potential range (mV): (-200:200 mV) and analysis results are presented in Table 3. They The minerals were applied before planting in two separate rates ≈ 595.24 and 1190.48 5…

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  • Stainless Steel Research Paper

    not rust or stain like normal steel would and even though it is called stainless steel, it is not entirely stainless, because in low-oxygen, high salinity environments it is able to be stained. The main difference between stainless steel and general carbon steel is the amount of chromium present. Due to the amount of chromium that stainless steel contains, the stainless steel will form a chromium oxide film which will help prevent corrosion as it blocks the oxygen fusing to the surface of the…

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