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  • The Hunt Narrative

    It was a semi cool morning on November 17, 2012 in Kadoka South Dakota. It was the second day of the hunt; we’re scheduled to leave .With breakfast in hand, a honey bun and chocolate milk, we left the gas station. We hopped on the interstate, to go to the other side of the county to walk the first area of the day. We hadn’t seen a deer yet and we were ready to hunt. Dan Severson turned around in the ditch of the interstate, and got out and sprinted across to the other side. We had to cross one fence right away. Then the waiting started because Dan and Darin Beck had to go to the other side of the area we were walking. They had to go the long and windy way, which was the only way. The wait felt forever to a 12 year old who wanted to hunt, but I had to stay quiet so I didn’t scare the deer away. Which I did an okay job of doing. We finally got to start walking after they radio in that they are ready. I went to the west, which was on the left of the river. My dad walked down the middle by a ravine. Brian Bentz had the east side of the valley, on the top of the hill. We started to walk the area that Dan and Darin had spotted a little buck in the day before. As I headed up this hill, following the fence. I was watching the valley to see if I could see anything moving, beside the cows on the other side of the fence. It was an easy walk for the most part because there was no snow other than inthe little ravine and fences I had to cross. The sun would peek out every once in a while…

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  • Mule Deer Research Paper

    Introduction: Mule Deer once thrived in Western Nebraska, but now their population has gone down due to hunting, predators, and disease. Many people take for granted the wildlife that we have. Mule deer (Odocoileus hemionus) once roamed the western United States in the millions (Holechek et al 1982). When the first white man came in the early 1800’s, the number drastically declined. The reason for this is partially due to the Tragedy of the Commons. The tragedy of the commons in early 1800’s…

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