Capital structure

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  • The Trade-Off Theory And The Capital Theory Of Capital Structure

    2.1.2. The Trade-off Theory:- In all of capital structure theories, a decision maker managing a firm evaluates the various costs and benefits of alternative leverage plans. Often it is assumed that an interior solution is obtained so that marginal costs and marginal benefits are balanced. The trade-off theory of capital structure refers to the concept that a firm chooses how much debt finance and how much equity finance to use by balancing the costs and benefits. The trade-off…

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  • Business Accounting Case Study: Business Process Analyst

    1) a- Business Process Analyst b- This job needs a person who has an experience and background of finance, which can analyse the complex finance process to be more effective. Also, under this job, the worker must be able to write reporting about the corporate finance environment. In addition, having good communication skills that can help working with stakeholders. The job is located in Auckland city centre, at Alexzander James Company. The work type will be either contract or temporary.…

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  • Oracle Company Capital Structure Essay

    Capital Structure I will discuss the stock and capital structure of Oracle Corporation used to grow the corporation worldwide and strengthen research and development efforts. Corporations raise capital by issuing common and preferred stock, by exchanging an ownership stake and sharing profits with investors. The corporation experienced significant growth since the inception growing to over a $30B in recent years. Publicly traded corporations have risk associated with the stock price in relation…

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  • Coca Cola Capital Structure Analysis

    Coca-Cola Company is one of the multinational companies in the United State. Its capital structure plays an influential role in Shareholder’s Wealth Maximization. Normally, US multinational companies have the relatively higher indebtedness, so they often use the debt financing (Dobrica, 2007). According to Puravankara (2007), Coca-Cola Company uses debt financing to reduce the overall cost of capital, which can increase the return on shareholders’ equity. Besides, they coupled with management of…

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  • Modigliani And Miller's Capital Structure Model

    During the 1950s, two professors named Modigliani and Miller carried out a serious study on capital-structure theory. According to their analysis, they developed the proposition where it shows capital-structure irrelevance. A hypothesis was made fundamentally which states that in perfect markets, what capital structure that a company applies to finance its operations does not matter, while they came up with a theory saying that the earning power and the risk of its underlying assets are what…

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  • Modigliani And Miller's Irrelevance Theory Of Capital Structure

    INTRODUCTION Modigliani and Miller’s (1958) irrelevance theory of capital structure was a landmark research in the field of finance, leading to an increased interest in the corporate capital structure and its determinants amongst scholars over the following years. Essentially, Modigliani and Miller conclude that under certain assumptions, the market value of a firm and its capital structure are not related (Proposition 1). Additionally, they suggest that the expected yield of a stock share…

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  • Role Reframing Play In Dealing With Cluelessness Case Study

    Question 1: Role Reframing Play in Dealing With Cluelessness in Organizations Reframing organization goes beyond the normal organizational behavior as it is a way of looking at human resource, structure as well as the politic in an organization. Terrence and Bolman bring up the issue concerning the curse of cluelessness which affects most organizational leaders. They point to the fact that they face great difficulty when it comes to visioning the old problems they face in a newer perspective.…

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  • Hierarchy Vs Hierarchy

    organisation is found in majority in the present day and they are bureaucratic in nature contrary to that of heterarchial structure. As stated by Dam and Marcus (2007), the organisations that follow this hierarchical rule are the tall structures and the flow of communication is vertical in nature in these organisations. There are several managerial levels in this form of structure along with clear lines of commands at the same time. The employees need to follow the…

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  • The Importance Of Knowledge In Global Organizations And Management

    events that have taken place in each organization and for many of them, we have learned the outcomes of their actions. These outcomes whether positive or negative have been created by three unique attributes of these organizations which are culture, structure and processes. Each company guided by its…

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  • Structural Dimension Of Public Management

    relation to the focus of the book that have been discussed in this chapter include the section of defining the concept of structure. There is also a topic on evolution of the structural perspective that focuses on the historical orientation of the structural dimension in relation to public management. The third topic in the chapter is all about the prominent constraining structures, which addresses different challenges that face the process of structuring the operational…

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