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  • Gun Control DBQ Essay

    A logical assertion can, and is, made that certain background checks are desirable in order to decrease the amount of deaths caused by guns. However, we need to understand the effectiveness of these checks, that many who want a gun will go to any means to acquire one. In a study conducted by Daniel W. Webster and Jon S. Vernick of John Hopkins University, over 80 percent of criminals evaluated were not lawful retail purchasers of firearms – as most acquired their weapons from sources such as…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Gun On Campus

    Most people would disagree that there is a need to allow guns on school campuses. According to Brady Center the author says “Rather than making anyone feel safer, allowing students to possess and use firearms on college campuses will likely breed fear and paranoia among fellow students since no one will know whether the other person can simply retrieve or pull out a gun if a dispute arises”. This quote shows that rather than making it safer for students, they would feel more at risk than before.…

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  • Long Range Weapons In Medieval

    There were many weapons in Medieval times, but some of the most effective were long range weapons. There were many types of long range weapons, the most influential were the longbow and the crossbow. Some other long range weapons that were not so effective compared with the crossbow and longbow were slingshots and throwing axes. These weapons may not have been as effective but they were much cheaper and easier to use. How were long range weapons made? Two main weapons dominated in the Medieval…

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  • Pheasant Hunt Narrative

    The day started when I woke up around 5:00 my dad asked me if I wanted to pheasant hunt and I was willing to go. That morning I was excited to go and it was youth season. I went out to my dog Max’s kennel and he was just as excited as I was. We went out and I got the gun loaded and we started out. In the car I my adrenaline was racing and it was my first time pheasant hunting. Although I was a bit nervous it was good. When we got out to the field my dad showed me how to load and unload a gun and…

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  • Essay On Gun Violence On Campus

    Would Concealed Carry Deter Violence on Campus? How many people do you see every day that carry a gun on them? I am betting that you don’t see anyone besides police officers. If people get into a car crash and the driver was drunk, do we blame the car? No we blame the driver so what’s the different with guns. Gun are not the problem that we are having, it’s the people that give guns a reputation. People carry guns not to cause or even seek to find trouble, but just that slim chance that your…

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  • Blue Lives Matter Video Analysis

    We noted in our first piece on the Alton Sterling shooting that while he appeared to reach for a firearm in his pocket, it was still disputable. Only one video was available at the time, and it wasn’t of the best quality. A second video has surfaced, and it does appear to validate the police narrative on the shooting. The video, courtesy of USA Today, is posted below: By contrast, you can watch the original video here. The blog Blue Lives Matter has a fantastic analysis of the new video:…

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  • Why Gun Control Is Important

    What do you think is the most notorious crime in American history? I think the most notorious crime is a felonious homicide. The gun shooting is definitely more common but threatening among the acts of murder. I believe that the United States needs to strengthen a gun control because it is a key to reduce the death rates. There might not be much things that we can do about it, in such as a country where the parents murder their children and the children murder their parents that is currently…

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  • Gun Violence Effects

    More than 12,000 people die of homicides due to gun violence each year. Gun violence is a form of violence that has the use of a gun. Some forms of gun violence are suicide, intentional homicide, or even domestic abuse. One of the amendments states that you have the right to carry a gun. When a person kills someone they should lose the right to carry a gun. Gun violence can have many effects, especially towards children. Children who are exposed to gun violence later get negative…

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  • Gunpowder Reaction Lab Report

    Name: Ben Tanke, Brooke Binkley, and Hailey Fenn Block: 3rd Title: Gunpowder QPOEE Question: Which amount of Sulfur(.25 grams, .5 grams, .75 grams, and 1 gram) creates the closest reaction with fire as the store bought gunpowder in terms of size of flame and the time duration of the flame? Knowledge Probe: The equation for the reaction of our gunpowder is 10Na NO3 + 8C + 3S → 2 Na2 CO3 + 3Na2SO4 + 6CO2 + 5N2. This shows that Sodium Nitrate is reacting with…

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  • Essay On Colorization

    It was April 20th, 1999 when a slight breeze filled the sky, enjoying the cool winds I rocketed towards school. Arriving at school, I felt like a log flowing down a river stream, and then suddenly a loud "Bzzzzz" echoed down the halls. The hallways felt like a school of fish viciously running away from a predator hunting them down. In a matter of seconds, everything calmed down and the first period started. A sudden rumbling sound came out from my stomach, as I anxiously waited for the lunch…

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