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  • The Pros And Cons Of Troytopia

    Troytopia is the best place for people to live in. It has the perfect living conditions, sound social systems, and excellent living state. Troytopia is set up to offer a perfect country for people to reside. Having few rules and regulation, people live free and get rid of the hedge from the conventions. The advanced social ideas, high techniques, as well as high degree of civilization in Troytopia make Troytopia a paradise for people. In addition, Troytopia pays attention to the construction of…

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  • The Cave: A Short Story

    I went into the cave to try and get some sleep but couldn 't. I finally dozed off at 6:30 but was awaken at 7:00 am. I heard voice outside of the cave getting closer and closer. I knew I had to leave. As I ran out of the cave, four people came into the cave. Luckily, there were two entrances to the cave and I slipped out of the other entrance just before the people would have been able to see me. I ran down the mountain as fast as I could, still limping from the car crash earlier. Even though…

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  • School Violence Book Report

    There are two main themes in this book: violence is never a smart solution for your problems and bullying is never acceptable. It is clear that this book centers around violent events; we understand this simply by reading the title. With all the terrorist attacks, as well as school shootings recently, many people are afraid that firearms are becoming an increasing threat to our safety and well being. Gary and Brendan initially believe that violence was the best way to stop all the bullying they…

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  • Gun Control Rhetorical Analysis

    Gun control is a major hot button issue in the United States currently; there are multiple different viewpoints and many different facts supporting those views. In order to support these viewpoints arguers will appeal to a person’s character, emotion, and utilize facts to persuade that person. These aspects are respectively called ethos, logos, and pathos; these three tools of rhetoric are used to support both sides of the gun control debate. All three of these tools use the idea of labeling to…

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  • Gun Control Argument Analysis

    As a responsible gun owner and a supporter of second amendment rights, I find this question contrary to my core beliefs. Gun control is a hotly contested topic that proponents and opponents alike are deadlocked in their position and neither side will refuse to give in. According to Cramer (2006), some form of Gun control was already established during the colonial and revolutionary period of the country. Each time there was a major incident involving the use or misuse of a firearm that…

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  • The Rugged Will's Gun: A Personal Narrative

    Mugged Will 8-2 It was a normal day when Will was just walking out of his apartment to go to work. Then on the other side of the street he saw a young lady being mugged by someone who had a mask on. He had walked up to her casually and then pulled out a gun and threatened to shoot if she didn’t give him money. Will knows that calling the police won’t get the robber in time to save all of the woman’s valuable things in her purse. He wants to help but he really doesn’t know if he will…

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  • Child Soldier Argumentative Essay

    Imagine our youth holding guns in their pint-sized hands, shooting the innocent, and brainwashed by drugs that overwhelm their bodies. Sadly, we live in a world where there are child soldiers. Some people say that we should punish those who are homicidal murders, but I do not agree. I believe that child soldiers should be forgiven for their crimes because they were under drugs, forced to fight, and have a chance to come back to society. But what about when they get older? People should look…

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  • Stand Your Ground Law: Shot By George Zimmerman

    Shot by George Zimmerman in 2012, seventeen year old Trayvon Martin had his life cut short. Zimmerman, who volunteered for his local neighborhood watch committee in Sanford, Florida, was acquitted of the homicide of Martin. He was released because evidence to contradict his claim of self-defense was not present, also, the state of Florida adopted so called, “Stand Your Ground” laws that supports Zimmerman’s case. “Stand Your Ground” laws eliminate the duty to retreat, or an attempt to get away,…

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  • Satirical Essay On Gun Violence

    If you read the newspaper or watched the news There’s always a story of someone getting shot or a shooting that took place, if you are like me you’re probably thinking to yourself, what is going on in America right now? The worst part about it is the fact that most of them are young African American teens. This problem keeps growing instead of decreasing. Our streets have become a battle field for thugs and gangsters to settle their disputes. We can’t allow this problem to continue growing, we…

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  • Persuasive Essay: No Guns On College Campuses

    No Guns on College Campuses On April 2007, one of the deadliest killings in the history of our country occurred on the college campus of Virginia Tech. A student killed dozens of innocent students and wounded many more. This incident had caused there to be a nationwide debate on whether concealed carry should be allowed college campuses. The argument was that with concealed carry campuses will become safer even though, classrooms should never be a place for guns. Guns should not be allowed on…

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