Cambodian Civil War

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  • Civil War Summary

    Images and discussions of the Civil War focus on the battles and the hardship back east. The burnt out husks of the Old South and bodies of soldiers lie strewn on the ground in black and white photos from the era. Movies romanticize large white columns and women in corallines swearing that they will never go hungry again. While school books will touch some on the Board War between Kansas and Missouri, they leave out the ripple effects of the war on the Indian Territory, and those who have been…

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  • Femininity In Woe To Live Off

    Dehumanizing Thoughts of Femininity During the Civil War in Woe To Live On Women during the Civil War normally stayed at home to cook, clean, and serve men. Woodrell portrays femininity as domestic in Woe To Live On, similar to past traditions. In Sue Lee’s case, using her femininity to her advantage gains her a sense of power by taking action when Jack Bull receives a serious injury; otherwise, wives like Mrs. Daily held their power in the house. Throughout history women never received the…

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  • Transcendentalism In American Literature's An Episode Of War

    evolvement of American literature, we begin to move away from the transcendentalist impressions of writers, and move toward a more realistic notion. The texts and authors of this era were greatly influenced by the circumstances around them: the American Civil War, the rush to the Alaskan Yukon for gold, or the Industrial Revolution, which incited them to see the world in a different light than those before them. To a reader with little to no knowledge on the background of the author or the…

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  • Civil War Women

    The Civil War wasn’t all about the male soldiers on the battlefield. There were other soldiers fighting a different battle on the home front, and they were none other than the women. The lives that women lived during this time period are often over looked, but they played a huge role in the war. As noted by the article “Women and the Civil War”, “…when in 1861 the American Civil War broke out between the north and the south, both men and women became deeply involved in the conflict.” (Women and…

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  • Civil War Pharmacy Summary

    Philadelphia and Astoria, New York. Next came historian Bruce A. Evans, who studied drug therapies during the war in his book, A Primer of Civil War Medicine. Evans’ presents in his argument in a unique and interesting way by presenting “the essentials of medical therapeutics as they would have been summarized by a reasonably well trained mainstream physician during the years of the War Between the States.” A couple of years later came the outstanding, objective, and thoroughly researched…

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  • Essay On Dysentery During The Civil War

    More Americans have died during the Civil War than any other war. 620,000 soldiers died in the line of duty. Two-thirds of these didn’t die from wounds. They died from diseases such as typhoid and dysentery. Civil War medicine was not yet advanced enough to connect a lack of hygiene with an influx of disease. Lack of hygiene in hospitals and camps also contributed to the spread of disease. Placing a latrine downstream away from the clean water supply was sometimes also overlooked. Disease spread…

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  • Essay On Civil War Families

    families experienced during The Civil War. The Civil War was a time when there was a lot of fighting, not only on the battlefield, but within families as well. Lots of families were split up because husbands and sons were drafted into the war. People’s opposing beliefs on the war divided families. During The Civil War, families were impacted because of the absence of family members, the division of families, and the death of family members. Families during The Civil War were impacted on both…

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  • Women At The Front By Jane Schultz And A Nation Divided By Libra Hilde

    The books “Women at the Front” by Jane Schultz and “A Nation Divided: Studies in the Civil War Era: Worth a Dozen Men: Women and Nursing in the Civil War South” by Libra Hilde, each discuss the many experiences that women went through during their time in the Civil War. Women in the Civil War faced many different challenges, each of these books touch on similar challenges as well as different views on these challenges. Women had to endure more than just the actual caring of wounded soldiers,…

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  • The Dred Scott Decision: A Man Who Decided To Fight For His Freedom

    On March 1857 a case was opened in the U.S. Supreme Court about a man who decided to fight for his freedom. The Dred Scott Decision was named after the courageous man, Dred Scott, who valiantly defied the order of slavery to obtain what every white man had, freedom. Dred decided to fight for his freedom when his master passed away while being at the state of Illinois that was considered a free state for all. Even though the Supreme Court disagreed with him, and got involved in his case to prove…

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  • The Civil War: The Causes Of The Civil War

    aspects of the civil war. One of the most important questions that the civil war creates is: was it inevitable? To find the answer to this question we must first state and analyze the causes of the civil war. In this research paper I will prove that the civil war was inevitable because the free states and the slave states would eventually break out in war since the problems between them would’ve never been solved if the war weren’t waged. Slavery is one of the main causes of the civil war, and…

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