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  • Extreme Poverty In Haiti

    Haiti, the poorest country in the world, with over half of the population living in extreme poverty, is in desperate need of help (“Poverty in Haiti: Aid, Earthquakes, and Imperialism”). The level of poverty in Haiti is so high that it stands out from the other countries in Latin America. Because of extreme poverty, children are often separated from their families and end up living in orphanages. Many Haitians live on the streets with no access to clean water, and do not have the money nor the…

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  • The Water Cycle Short Story

    The Water Cycle Imagine you are a water molecule, like Molly. You begin your life up in the sky and are happy and content. Molly lives in a nimbostratus cloud right above a small countryside home. Molly has never left her comfy cloud, since the drought it hasn 't rained much around her home town of Porterville. Molly wanted nothing more than to fall through the sky and live her life as a raindrop. It was a cold afternoon in January and the sky was an ugly gray. The clouds looked heavy…

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  • The Effect Of Bioturbation Effects On Nitrogen Cycling Processes

    Bioturbation effects on sediment properties also impact nitrogen cycling processes. In general, bioturbation increases nitrification activity by increasing the proportion of oxic sediment in which nitrification can occur (Fig.2) (Sayama and Kurihara, 1983, Tuominen et al., 1999, Welsh, 2003, Nielsen et al., 2004). Rates of denitrification also tend to be higher (Gilbert et al., 1995, Ieno et al., 2006) as bioturbation promotes coupled nitrification-denitrification (Kristensen and Blackburn, 1987…

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  • Low Income Inequalities In Today's Society

    Besides from globalization, development of science and technology also plays a big role. In most of the companies, enterprises put a lot of efforts into improving efficiency and pursuing low costs. As a result, with the improvement of technology, most of the non-technical jobs are gradually replaced by machines, robots, automation, and software. Because of all these technological machines taking over tasks that human used to work for, this significantly reduced the needs of human resources in…

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  • Social Classes: The Destruction Of The American Dream

    The United States of America, a country alleged to be the land of opportunity. Designer clothes, fame, power and abundant wealth, the American dream. This dream is deceivingly masked as viable. Thus, it is relentlessly pursued by a materialistically ambitioned society. Unforgivingly, our society is scrutinizing and has become discriminately split into social classes. Classes based on those who have and those who don’t. Further, these social classes are categorized as: The wealthy upper class,…

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  • Alcoholism In William Hogarth's Gin Lane

    William Hogarth’s Gin Lane served to back the Gin Act of 1751, in England. Urban cities, such as London, had become devastated with “extreme poverty and high rates of infant mortality,” primarily caused by the availability of gin, and the rising issue of alcoholism. Gin Lane emphasized the dangers of gin and liquor to the public, but also served to critique the wealthy population, for ignoring the poor. Hogarth’s illustration not only supported the Gin Act, it revealed the underlying…

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  • Main Causes Of The Great Depression

    The Great Depression was an extreme time of struggle for not only the economy of America, but also the American people of every race. The Great Depression took place from 1929- 1939. One of the main reasons of what led to the Great Depression was the crash of the stock market. The crash itself propelled and drove Wall Street workers straight into a major fear and nightmare that was thought and imagined to never come. Throughout the years that came “Consumer spending and investment dropped,…

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  • Poverty In Canada

    poverty 's lethal effects on economic barriers, society 's social norms and the struggle of mental health, faced within the poor in Canada. Economical Barriers differentiating the wealthy and the poor are a major issue. Poverty is in a monotonous cycle of making the low economic status of citizens and visible minorities vulnerable…

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  • Cemented Inequalities In Education

    The Oxford Dictionary defines the American Dream as “the ideal that every US citizen should have an equal opportunity to achieve success and prosperity through hard work, determination, and initiative.” The United States of America continues to pride itself on this virtue since its formation, aptly calling itself The Land of Opportunity. Indeed, many people have risen from unfortunate situations and attained degrees to live a sufficient lifestyle. However, there is a growing socioeconomic…

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  • Freedom Balloon In Edwidge Danticat's A Wall Of Fire Rising

    Freedom Balloon: The Ultimate Flight “A Wall of Fire Rising” by Edwidge Danticat is the story of a proud Haitian man named Guy, on his own personal journey to attain the freedom which he so desires from control, oppression, and personal failures. This passage is one of great trial and carried with it much mental strain and anguish on the main character. He struggles within to overcome his inner demons and reach a place of peace, that being death. This story contains many examples of symbolism,…

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