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  • Kinetic Energy Vs Potential Energy Essay

    identifies heat and works as a method of transferring energy, which brings a change in the internal energy of a photon. Heat can also be described as the change in temperature either increasing (hot) or temperature decreasing (cold). Along with heat, calorimetry is the study of science associated with the determination of the changes of energy in a system by measuring the heat exchanged with its surrounding. And to find the exchange of heat from one object to another you have to use a…

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  • Doritos Research Paper

    Chips are often put in the unhealthy food category, chip brands like Doritos are known for their festive, decadent flavors but are loaded with calories. The calorie count in a bag of white corn tortilla chips is 1,041 according to the USDA. Doritos are flavored tortilla chips that are covered in a powder seasoning. One ounce of Doritos® JACKED™ Ranch Dipped Hot Wings Flavored Tortilla chips is 130 calories. According to Christian Nordqvist's article in Medical News Today, a calorie is a unit of…

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  • Cser Rr Research Paper

    CRISPR stand for: Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeat. The CRISPR is repeat spacer array contain a series of short direct repeats interspaced with short sequence which had been detected in the genome of many bacteria and archaea. The CRISPR method is based on the natural defense system used by bacteria to protect themselves from invading viruses. When the DNA of virus detected by bacterium, the CRISPR RNA as a guide RNA which contain a sequence, match to the invading virus…

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  • Metabolic Rate Lab Report

    The main objective of the experiment was to determine the effect of temperature the mass specific metabolic rate (MR_MS) through oxygen consumption, if their body weight had an effect on mass specific metabolic rate and if the size/mass of the female swiss mice affected their response to the temperature. The different mice were placed within a plastic chamber and then placed in different variations of temperature of water (10°C, 15°C, 20°C, 25°C, 30°C). The procedure involved acclimating the…

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  • Mixture Analysis Lab Report Sample

    The crystal size is also affected by the rate of cooling and larger crystals were shown to be formed when fat was cooled at a slower cooling rate83. However the samples were not subjected to changes in the rate of cooling in this study. At higher temperatures (or lower supercooling conditions) due to decrease in the driving force, less crystals are formed although the crystals are larger in size as compared to those formed at lower temperatures83. At lower temperatures, due to the higher driving…

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  • Methyl Methacrylate: A Case Study

    Styrene (St, 99%) and methyl methacrylate (MMA, 99%) were obtained from Aldrich company. These monomers were first dried over calcium hydride, were purified by being passed through a column of basic alumina, and were distilled under reduced pressure. Ethyl 2-bromoisobutyrate (EBIB, 98%), copper (I) bromide (CuBr, 99%), copper (I) chloride (CuCl, 99%), and other chemical reagents were procured from Aldrich company and used as received. N-methylbis[2-(dodecylthio)ethyl]amine (SNS) was synthesized…

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  • AC Conductivity In PEO And Cocl2

    AC conductivity: Figure 4.19(a) shows the frequency dependent electrical conductivity of PCL5 electrolyte. The result shows that AC conductivity changes with temperature. The AC conductivity of the PEO/CoCl2 electrolyte increases with temperature is given in Table 4.4, which is the common characteristic of disordered materials. An increase in ac conductivity with frequency and temperature indicates charge transported by hopping through the defect sites along the polymer chain [70]. Also the…

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  • Hazelnut Kernel Oil Case Study

    process, in the presence of Sodium hydroxide catalyst and methanol batch transesterfication is applied to sunflower oil for the production of biodiesel. The biodiesel was characterized and then conducted using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR), bomb calorimetry, sulphur content tests and Gas Chromatography (GC) and acidity and flash point…

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  • Heat Energy Lab Report

    Introduction The purpose of this lab is to test for the most efficient way to transfer heat energy from the chip to the water beaker. The heat transfer was coming from burning a baked lay and through our calorimeter heat energy was pushed out. Our experiment was taken one step further to continue to modify and build a better calorimeter. Overall the purpose was to find the best way for energy to be captured. Literature Review Anything around us is generally matter. Everything we touch,…

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  • Assignment 1: A Personal Reflection

    1. I successfully completed N-glycan, site specific-glycopeptides, and SEC (size-exclusion chromatography) analysis on several big batches of M710 RPP and process development samples in a timely manner. I am very dedicated to the tests I performed. The process of each analysis is complicated and often requires several days of lab-intensive work, and it is common to receive multiple tests at the same time. In order to meet the tight timeline, I rationally prioritize my tests, and plan my time to…

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