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  • Squabbles: A Fictional Narrative

    Matthew 1246 “Ahhhhhhhhh!” cried Carl viciously. “You putrid scum,” the guard yelled just enough for Carl to hear. He had jumped in front of Doc and pulled the level 5. Flashback 1 year and 16 days. Carl has been taken into the prison cell. This is his new life. “You are innocent. You have done nothing wrong. Just remember who you are. You are, Carl Lucas.” He is just too overwhelmed to know, to comprehend how to get out of this situation. It was time for his therapy session now. “This is…

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  • Aspects Of The CAGES Model

    The sociological imagination holds that personal experiences link with the wider society. My focus will be on gender, class and ethnicity and how these three aspects of the CAGES model reflect my life both positively and negatively. Within the context of Auckland, I have continuously felt disengaged with this largely Eurocentric society of Auckland, being from a mixed ethnic background Iranian culture has a huge influence on my life. This links in with gender, and class and how these branches of…

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  • Merce Music: John Cage

    Throughout the 20th century, John Cage was often considered by many to be the central voice of avant-garde music. Uniting composition with philosophy, he recreated the surface of modern music. For Cage, the 1950s brought him a sequence of critical events that both developed him as a composer and brought him much fame, or notoriety to some. He had a strong interest in Eastern Zen philosophy, a subject that is reinforced and incorporated in all of his musical works, which grew throughout the…

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  • Nadia Khriste Song Analysis

    For My Choice, I was debating between a few different songs and artists. For the assignment, I have chosen the songs Heroes Tonight and Aurora both that are by Janji and Something just like this by Nadia Khristean. Other songs I had considered were Waving through a Window by Ben Platt, or Walk on Water by Thirty Seconds to Mars. Walk on water is more directed towards the population as a whole and how we want to accomplish things that seem impossible but not for the sake of love. Waving through a…

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  • Examples Of Bird Cages Of Oppression

    day “bird cages” that trap individuals into certain duties. A “bird cage” of oppression in today’s world is the role of women in the US. Women back in the day were seen as the weaker gender that stayed at home, cooked food, and took care of kids. Now in 2015, not much has changed in the minds of America. There has still not been a female president, it is hard to climb the ranks in the military as a female, and many more underrated roles of women. The bars or barriers of the “bird cage” start…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Dog Cages

    When some people think of dog cages, they think of something that is cruel, but the reality is that these are a great way to give your animals the freedom they need without keeping them inside or really limiting their ability to move around. There are some remarkably large and sturdy kennels that are appropriate for all sizes of animals, and they will provide your animal with a certain level of safety as well as the people on the outside. What Should You Look For? The first thing that you…

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  • John Cage: Inner Listening

    from new age contemporary to country to hip- hop genres. John Cage, the composer that wrote 4’33”, believed that all sound is music which does not necessarily have to have meaning, according to Cage in From Zero: The Documentary. A technique in music called “inner listening” refers so how one would listen with their inner being instead of just taking the sounds at face value, which is “outer listening”. One of Cage’s philosophies…

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  • Descriptive Essay: The Influence Of Cages

    and many warehouses that many small businesses use as their offices or headquarters. This is a place where you would least expect the cage, a place that brings back many memories for me, to be. Once you drive into the parking lot and make a right into a more secluded parking structure that seems to be in the middle of nowhere, you can find the main entrance of the cage with the number 107 in bold letters written across the glass door. Security guards in their white cars slowly patrol the area…

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  • Vanishing Bird Cage Analysis

    Vanishing Bird Cage In the movie The Prestige Christopher Nolan uses the vanishing bird cage trick to establish the themes of secrecy and sacrifice throughout the movie. In the bigger spectrum of the movie the bird trick is a motif used to represent Borden and Angier’s methods for the transporting man. The first bird being smashed to death represents sacrifice and being replaced by a different bird without common knowledge represents the secrecy and lying that comes along with being a…

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  • A Cage Of Butterflies Character Analysis

    The novel A Cage of Butterflies by Brian Caswell explores how social norms and stereotypes isolate and ostracise people who don’t fit societal standards, through false preconceptions that prevent communication and the immense pressure to conform to societal conventions. Through his characterisation of the think-tank children and his depiction of their treatment from those outside the facility, Caswell successfully communicates the importance of listening to others and overcoming preconceptions…

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