Business continuity and disaster recovery

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  • Threats And Threats In The Chemical Sector Essay

    its own hazards and threats that can cause significant harm to the surrounding communities and affect this critical infrastructures operation. Some of the threats that raise concern within this sector are the insider threat, cyber threats, natural disaster and extreme weather, terrorist threats, as well as bio hazards and…

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  • Risk Tolerance Essay

    QUESTION 2 Question 2 (a) (10 Marks) Explain the concepts of risk appetite and risk tolerance with examples. Answer Risk appetite and tolerance are commonly set-up by SPEND Ltd board and executive management, and they connected with the SPEND company’s strategy. Cited by Blunden and Thirlwell (2010:62) that risk appetite is the “amount and type of risk that an organisation is willing to take to achieve its strategic objectives [over a specified time horizon at a given level of confidence])”.…

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  • Information Security Threats

    organization, organizations could implement procedures such as maintaining an effective access control mechanism, encrypting sensitive information and implementing an authorized-only-device policy in the organization. Organizations could also carry out disaster recovery drills to understand the weaknesses in the security apparatus and identify the best course of actions in case of emergencies. The plans should be detailed enough to provide a comprehensive defense against an attack. Incident…

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  • John Champion Case Study

    Expert at a glance: John Champion, CIO of High Point University is a leading technology leader in the higher-ed sector. With a background in education, IT, and management, Champion credits his time as a educator for the foundation of his exemplary leadership capabilities. John Champion is best described as a mover and a shaker. As the CIO of High Point University, he has accomplished quite a bit in a short amount of time. Upon joining the university, Champion went straight to work, surveying…

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  • The Importance Of CIRT Plan

    The higher the complexity of the business the more the focus will be on accountability. Companies are now reaching out and creating their own risk and compliance departments and other such initiatives across their organizations. Regulation’s such as the those listed in the National Institute…

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  • Identity Negotiation Theory Research Paper

    Identity Negotiation Theory Evan Malinowski Kansas State University October 10, 2015 Evan Malinowski Professor Bardhan Comm 480 September 30, 2015 Identity Negotiation Theory One of the relevant literatures I’ve found for Identity Negotiation Theory is a book by William B. Gudykunst. The book is titled theorizing about intercultural communication. The history of Identity negotiation refers to “the procedures finished which perceivers and targets come to…

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  • Importance Of Risk Management In Healthcare

    innovative organizations, and haven’t showed a lot of interest in the security part of their operations. The risks of data breaches extend to businesses hospitals and providers that are contracted with to carry out medical coding and billing. These business professionals should also develop their own risk management plans for their Healthcare IT systems and, follow the same standards as the healthcare system they are contracting…

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  • Hirohito Film Analysis

    The living standards of urban family were slowly improved, as the old couple was able to travel and meet their children. People were mostly engaged in their own business, as was depicted in the film that the old couples were not warmly welcomed by their children. Moreover, the widowed daughter-in-law, Noriko, represented the war widows in the immediate postwar era. As her husband passed away, Noriko’s life was quite…

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  • IT Security Policy Framework

    It may include all or a combination of a hub, switch, router and firewall. A business LAN is much more complicated than a home LAN. They have either a flat network or a segmented network. In a flat network, there are few if any, controls to limit network traffic. When workstations connect to flat networks, they can see and attempt…

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  • Cisco Telepresence Essay

    telepresence : - Mark Wiley , a Cisco regional sales manager : “ Cisco TelePresence is quickly becoming a standard part of how we do business when remote parties are involved " - Mazid , senior consultant : " It is much easier for our customers to meet with our executives and technical experts when time and distance are no longer barriers " - Scott Hemig , a senior business consultant for Cisco : “ TelePresence meetings allow the "face-to-face" conversations that help to close high-value…

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