Business continuity and disaster recovery

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  • Security Risk Analysis Paper

    estimating what liability of a risk can be exploited and what impact it might pose. Risk analysis tries to minimize risk exposure to external attacks, accidental misuse, or malicious insiders. It also allows a company to evaluate weak links within the business and their adverse impact. Failure to conduct risk analysis could result in security…

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  • Hatfield Train Crash Report

    Analysis is also made into the changes made after the crash; how the crash could have been avoided and how an event like this can be avoided in future. The Hatfield rail crash was a significant disaster in British rail history. When an express train travelling from Kings Cross Station to Leeds caused a rail to break, the train derailed. This event lead to a major refurb of the British rail network and caused numerous disruptions across the British…

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  • Veterinary Clinic Contingency Planning Paper

    Risk Management - Contingency Planning The major foreseeable risks to the small veterinary clinic are the power loss, failure of the hardware, theft of the client’s data, and the natural disasters. Electrical power outage: power loss pose a major risk to the clinic. A bad storm could cause power loss for several hours, or even for days. Without electrical power the clinic could not for instance run air conditioning equipment, could experience issues with electrical meter or panel, and breakdown…

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  • The Planning Cycle

    FEMA has developed the National Prevention Framework (NPF) that outlines the whole community approach to a disaster discovery of intelligence or information regarding an imminent threat to homeland and security. Although, communities have participated in some form of evacuation planning as part of emergency management, not many have been able to conduct a full-scale…

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  • Threat And Risk Assessment Essay

    Assessment: The key to contingency planning A Threat and Risk Assessment is a critical tool for understanding the innumerable threats to a business, determining the level of risk the business is exposed to, and recommending the appropriate level of protection. Whether or not a threat and risk assessment is conducted can make or break a business. Every business encounters issues, some more disastrous than others conducting a threat and risk assessment can keep businesses ahead of most or allow…

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  • Wobbly Wheels Company Case Study Summary

    IT Strategies Major information technology strategies which may be relevant to Wobbly Wheels Company include; a) Provision of warehousing services as an internal strategy. This service is aimed at helping all customers in the quest of reducing delivery time. This will make the products of the company available more locally, hence cost reduction on the part of the company. Record keeping will thus be facilitated and this will allow for effective audit procedures in compliance with the Sarbanes…

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  • Pros And Cons Of The Dodd-Frank Act

    The Dodd-Frank Act was a piece of legislature passed by the Obama administration in 2010. This act is formally known as the Dodd-Frank Act Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. This piece of legislature was a response to the financial crisis of 2008. The Dodd-Frank Act at the time of passing consisted of 2,307 pages, 16 titles and 540 sections of law. This piece of legislation was named after Senator Christopher J. Dodd and Representative Barney Frank who had endorsed this act. This…

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  • The Importance Of Information Security

    secondary site where we store the backups of the backups, in case of a disaster in one location, the secondary substitute will be put into position. We allow our clients to gain access to their savings and information by either electronically accessing our website or physically walking into our secure…

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  • Sdlc Case Study

    An organization whose IT strategy is to outsource as much of their IT as possible CIO – A CIO should remain in-house to manage and provide direction for the IT department. This will help ensure continuity as the personnel changes. SLA manager – A SLA manager should stay in-house to manage all of the service level agreements. This will help ensure the company gets the most out of outsourcing. Quality Assurance – A Quality Assurance person/team should…

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  • Big Bayou Canot Bridge Case Study

    basis of our lives. We use transportation to move people and goods from one place to the next while improving the direct approach to safety for the public. However, when a transit disaster threatens the security and safety of our well being, we need the responsible party and emergency crews to step up and facilitate the disaster quickly and efficiently. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) investigation of the Amtrak train accident that occurred on the Big Bayou Canot Bridge had…

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