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  • The Pistons History

    seven players average double digits in scoring, would be put to the test in the first round as they need to beat the Washington Bullets in a fifth game. In the second round the Pistons would play up to their better levels as they beat the Chicago Bulls in five games to set up a rematch with the Boston Celtics. After the home team won all seven games in the past years, the Pistons appeared to have the advantage i taking game two in Boston. However, after taking game three at the Silverdome, the…

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  • Differences Between Lewis And Clark Expedition

    After the Louisiana Purchase, Thomas Jefferson decided to have two explorers travel the land to see what was on there. Jefferson chose his secretary Merriwether Lewis, and he chose William Clark to be his partner. Then they assembled the Corps of Discovery, which concluded of 31 men and one dog named Seaman. Merriwether Lewis was one of the leaders in the group. He studied different rocks animals and plant life. Though, unfortunately Lewis was always the unlucky one on the trip. He managed…

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  • Dwyane Wade Research Papers

    “With the 5th pick in the 2003 NBA draft, the Miami Heat select Dwyane Wade from Marquette University.” 2003 was a clean start for the Miami Heat after selecting Dwyane Wade. When you hear the name Dwyane Wade, the first place you will always think of is Miami without a doubt. The legacy, and joy Wade has left in this city will be eternally remembered. The exhausting, yet happy morning after having your basketball team win a championship is the feeling Dwyane Wade made sure each and every one…

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  • Battle Of Little Bighorn And Custer's Fight Summary

    Zits is a foster child, having spent the majority of his life moving from one negative or abusive family experience to another. Most of his time traveling gave him a lot of experiences. Over the book ZIts accomplish much more experiences than anyone else over the world.Result of time traveling, he also changed to angry little boy into critical thinking and individual. One event that most effect on ZIts was his second time traveling. Which was Native Indian Boy, a small boy at the camp of Little…

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  • Sitting Bull Thesis

    nation to be exact (Johnson 1). His name was Sitting Bull. Sitting Bull was born in March of 1831, on the south bank of what used to be called “Ree River” now known as “Grand River”, at a place called Many-Caches, in South Dakota (Dockstader). He was not always known as Sitting Bull, he was originally named Jumping Badger…

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  • Caavs Persuasive Speech

    The draft is finally here! Congratulations to the Cleveland Cavs and their fans. The NBA felt so bad for LeBron leaving to take his talents to South Beach that the NBA decided to award number one pick for the 3rd time since that moment. You have the number one pick!! Maybe the rules should be changed, so that the same team can’t keep winning the draft lottery. I’m sure a fan of the Timberwolves or the Kings would agree. They’ve never won the lottery, even though it seems like they’ve had…

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  • Alabama Bat History

    The Alabama Bats also know as the “Battling Bats” are an American Basketball team in located in Montgomery, Alabama. The bats compete in the NBA Eastern Conference. The team began playing in 1961, since then they have played all of their games in Garrett Coliseum or the “Bat Cave.” The Bats wear Red and Black. The teams mascot Bat Boy provides entertainment for fans, getting them excited to see their Bats play. The Bats were founded by Martin Luther King Jr in 1961 and originally named the…

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  • Bigfoot Research Paper

    If you go into the forest and you see a big hairy creature it's probably big foot. Most people don't believe in Bigfoot, but i do. It would be awesome if someone really proved that Bigfoot is real and there is a lot of them Upon big foots father's death,bigfoot became the leader of the tribe. They suffered during the Sioux war for the black hills after the war, they settled on the Cheyenne river in South Dakota. “Big foot encouraged his people to adapt to life on the reservation”(“Big…

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  • Rob Mahoney Then And Now Analysis

    In the article “ Then and Now: The evolution of Lebron James” the author, Rob Mahoney, explains the different styles Lebron James plays with in the game of basketball with his aging body. He began with the explanation of the basic Lebron defense used by many teams today to try and stop him. He describes how he has learned from playing against it for so many years. The author breaks down the different play styles of the young Lebron to the older Lebron. The younger Lebron was a more explosive…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Wiver Wire Player

    After another exciting week of fantasy basketball action, it’s time once again to take a look at players who are still on the waiver wire! Hopefully you all had a great Thanksgiving yesterday and are ready to get back on the fantasy grind this weekend. From Avery Bradley to Luis Scola, there are a plethora of players out there to keep your eye on going forward this season. So, here’s my waiver wire players to check out for this week: Avery Bradley, Shooting Guard Bradley is owned in 63.7…

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