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  • A Faint Green Sell Commercial Analysis

    The ad I choose for my discussion is a tv commercial which aired during the 2010 Super Bowl. The reason I picked this commercial is because of it's great sense of humor and it's ability to utilize several concepts Julia B. Corbett discusses in her article, "A Faint Green Sell: Advertising and the Natural World" (235). In the opening scene we see a young white male purchasing groceries and is asked whether he would like paper or plastic. After a sudden pause, he decides to go with plastic, when…

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  • How To Clone A Mammoth Analysis

    De-extinction (bringing extinct species back from the dead) has been making a wave of enthusiasm, fueled through Steward Brand’s TED speak and a number of distinguished books and articles. The primary idea of de-extinction is to use bits of genetic fabric salvaged from an extinct species (museum specimens, frozen mammoths) in modern day biotechnology to create living animals in the lab, and use these lab-created specimens to re-establish populations of the extinct species in the wild. Actually,…

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  • Imperialism: Incomperialism, And Industrialization

    mperialism, Nationalism, and Industrialization all threaten world peace. Imperialism is built around an authoritative system. Nationalism is about loyalty and devotion to a specific nation above other nations. Industrialization is the creation and maintenance of operating businesses. These systems were created to exercise control over civilizations. The ones in control want nothing but money and power. The system is set up to treat their people like cattle. Supply and demand instills the…

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  • Rachel Louise Carson

    to polluted water. Several activist groups joined by food and farming experts are suing Monsanto for their crimes against humanity. Monsanto responsible for introducing multiple genetically modified plants and numerous toxic chemicals into our environment, so they have to answer to the world for its reign of terror. In short, the polluted water affect all living things on the…

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  • Child Free By Choice Summary

    both men and women are in this age. One thing that people that do not have children think of is their own personal gain. Another of the justifications this article puts forth is that several of the men and women interviewed, believe that the environment would suffer from an expanded populated world. Also, another is the chase for the all mighty dollar. Lastly, there is the medical argument. I will be arguing that to not have children is potentially robbing society of anything from a great…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Going Green For Gatesburg

    Going Green for Gatesburg is a great idea but at the sametime my cause a lot of issues. This proposal covers the idea of us dispossing of our waste in a very green way. If it were to pass they might have an issue though, because I know that I wouldnt want my trash be weighed and survelled would you? Lets take a look at all of the negatives and positives and see what you think. Starting with the positives, Gatesburg would have little landfill. The reason being is you would get one bin for…

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  • Cerebral Palsy Logo Analysis

    Logo The Cerebral Palsy Alliance logo represents an organization that provides support and a better quality of life for people with disabilities. The logo is formed by 11 irregular shapes and three words. When looking at the logo we can identify the shape of a palm print. The gestalt law of closure makes this possible as the viewer closes the gaps between the shapes and groups them accordingly to construct a “whole” which results in a familiar form. Proximity and similarity help identify the…

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  • Ishmael An Adventure Of Mind And Spirit Essay

    People are encouraged to respect the environment, and promote the wellbeing of our planet, earth. People are convinced into believing that everything and everyone on earth should be treated fairly and equally, because of this we can be considered to be biocentric. Biocentrism is the ethical point of view that broadens inherent value to all living organisms. This means that you believe every species on earth should be treated equally and fairly. After reading Ishmael: An Adventure of Mind and…

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  • What Is Overpopulation In Ishmael

    Disaster! The headlines all mention the utter destruction of the world. Their dismal outlooks on the future are often accompanied by generic solution such as; “Recycle”, “Ride a bike”, etc. The novel Ishmael by Daniel Quinn the contains the same “Disaster!” message but is accompanied by many unorthodox solutions to the problems which Quinn identifies. One problem addressed is overpopulation. Quinn leaves the solution up to the reader through a binary moral dilemma: sustain the excess population…

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  • Pros Of Eco-Friendly Wooden Framess

    Pros of Eco-friendly Wooden Sunglass Frames over the Plastic frame glasses Wooden sunglasses are the current trendsetters as it can be used by people of any age and it just makes them look cool. One will definitely need quality frames which are both style and contemporary and also attracts a lot of people. They tend to utilize the wooden glasses by wearing them throughout the day. Some are eco-friendly while others are bizarre or ultra-modern. Here's a quick summary of some of the bizarre and…

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