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  • Space Shuttle Challenger Speech Analysis

    On January 28, 1986, heartbreaking tragic event of the Space Shuttle Challenger. The explosion of the Space Shuttle Challenger took the lives of beloved people; Michael Smith, Dick Scobee, Judith Resnik, Ronald McNair, Ellison Onizuka, Gregory Jarvis, and school teacher Sharon Christa McAuliffe. This event of the take-off was viewed by many Americans, including school children. President Ronald Reagan delivered a comforting and honoring speech, the “Shuttle Challenger Disaster Address.” In this…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis: The Speech On The Challenger Disaster

    On January 28TH 1986, President Ronald Reagan gave his speech famously known as “The Speech on the Challenger Disaster.” He gave this speech in a presidential, hopeful, and very American way. He acknowledges The Challenger Disaster in such a way to address the families of the lost and the school children whose teacher was involved in this terrible disaster. He also creates a positive opinion towards the United States Space Program. He continues to honor the astronauts and tries to help…

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  • George Orwell's 1984 Alternate Ending

    I feel her sharp fangs pierce the flesh on my neck. Sucking the Blood strait from the vain. There was no selfcontrole to stop her only the smell off blood drawing her in. I stood helpless and screaming in pain. Being slowly drained. She realised me and I fell to the cold concrete floor. Her mouth was covered in my blood as she wiped it away. My vision was fading to black. She knelt in front of me and held out her freshly bitten arm. "Suck on it. It's gonna turn you but you'll live." I did as…

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  • The NASA Challenger Mission

    A risk is taking a chance on what one is not used to doing. Sometimes people might take a risk depending on what it is. The NASA crew took a big risk when launching the Challenger during extreme temperatures. The astronauts were taking one of the biggest risk of their lives. This risk could have taken a positive or a negative affect. In this case it took a negative effect, lets see how. January 28,1986 the Challenger was ready for lift-off. This mission was delayed for six days because of bad…

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  • Change At NASA

    The lack of effort to sustain critical change at NASA would result in another disaster where key safety of flight information was again ignored, resulting the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster (Palmer Dunford & Akin, 2009). This paper will review and analyze change at NASA to include images of change, types of change, challenges of change, resistance to change, implementing change, visions of change, and sustaining change as…

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  • Examples Of Imperialism In China

    imperialism because Britain, who was supplying China with opium, continued to trade even after the Chinese government requested that they stop, thereby forcing their will upon the Chinese citizens. The second example also shows imperialism because the British and the Russians took control of Persian oil, thrusting their agenda upon the Persians by demanding concessions and using military to protect their interests. Finally, the third example shows imperialism because the United States intervened…

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  • Blanche Named Desire: Character Analysis: Stella Kowalski '

    1. In terms of casting for Stella Kowalski, the actress would have to be young and gentle looking. She would also most likely be of average beauty. In the play Stella is described as, “…a gentle young woman, about twenty-five, and of a background obviously quite different from her husband” (1778). This meaning that her husband is rough looking while Stella is delicate and small. Another example of Stella being slightly delicate is how Blanche refers to her. Blanche calls her a “precious lamb”…

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  • The Praxis Empire: A Short Story

    Kayla stood, brushing off her dress of nonexistent dirt, only needing something for her trembling hands to do. "I am sorry, but I do not think it possible I 'm your daughter. With someone of my background, I 'd hardly ever be even distantly related to royalty, let alone the daughter of the queen of the Praxis Empire as well as one of the most powerful countries in the world. I offer my condolences," Kayla said with a curtsy before she left. Leaving the queen to stare after the small, lithe…

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  • State Of The Union Speech Rhetorical Analysis

    On the morning of January 28, 1986, at 11:39 a.m., President Ronald Reagan sat in the Oval Office with his team of advisors putting the finishing touches on his State of the Union speech, which was slated to occur that evening (Cannon, “Challenger Disaster”). At this same moment in Cape Canaveral, Florida, the space shuttle Challenger began its launch. However, this spacecraft would never exit our atmosphere; 73 seconds after liftoff, it exploded, killing all seven passengers (“Challenger…

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  • My Last Louii Jolver Analysis

    It’s your life and it’s now or never. Your life is what you make it and only you can make it what you want. Not one person can change how your life will turn out or be, only you can. The life you are given is your and only yours. So why should you make the best of it? You don’t want to live forever with this life on Earth would you? This journey is only temporary so make it the best. Anything can happen in a blink of an eye and so why not live in the moment. Live every day like it’s your…

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