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  • Clash Of The Paradigm

    Clash of the Paradigms During the 19th century, the three paradigms that were relevant in society were the New York Times, New York Journal and the New York Commercial Advertiser. Although all three paradigms were prominent during the late 1890's one of these three newspapers prevailed and it was the New York Times. There were many reasons why the Times prevailed and the others failed. According to the excerpt, "The Year That defined American Journalism" it quotes, "… the Times offered a…

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  • Examples Of Engineering Disasters

    Many engineering disasters have occurred over the course of recorded history. The Hindenburg, Space Shuttle Challenger, and Space Shuttle Columbia are examples of engineering disasters that resulted in catastrophe. The Hindenburg marked the end of the airship era. Many other airships went down prior to its destruction including the USS Akron and the British R 101 both which cost the same number of lives as the Hindenburg. The reason that these events were not recognized as signs at the time is…

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  • Wisdom By Henry Thurman Analysis

    To live in a static state of mind is to restrict the joy one may find in life. Oliver Sacks, Maggie Nelson, and Robert Thurman all suggest that one’s perception of the world, as well as the flexibility of their state of mind, directly correlates with how they exist within it. Specifically, Thurman’s work “Wisdom” claims that it is necessary for one to abandon the idea of having a fixed and strict self but rather open up one’s mind to become a flexible thinker, allowing one to create human…

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  • Short Story: 'Now Comes The Trial'

    Putting her right foot out, she mounted the log and shut her eyes. Lifting her skirt, leveling her cane fiercely before her like a festival figure in some parade, she began to march across. Then she opened her eyes and she was safe on the other side. 'I wasn't as old as I thought,' she said. But she sat down to rest. She spread her skirts on the bank around her and folded her hands over her knees. Up above her was a tree in a pearly cloud of mistletoe. She did not dare to close her eyes,…

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  • Character Analysis Lady Brett Ashley

    My initial feeling towards Lady Brett Ashley is that she is a woman with a false sense of self-understanding. She behaves as if she is in control, doing what she wants and taking what is hers, but is clueless to the fact that what she is after won’t give her contentment. Her aimless attempts to fill what is missing in her life at the expense of her lovers and friends makes me feel that she is a manipulative and harmful person. However, as the story continues and I reflect further on Brett as a…

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  • Space Shuttle Columbia Research Paper

    years ago on February 1, 2003 Space Shuttle Columbia Crashed. Columbia launched January 16, 2003. Around 82 seconds after Columbia had lifted-off a piece of foam had fallen from a “biopod ramp” which was a piece that helped support the external tank. With this piece fallen the department of defense prepared to use the orbital spy cameras to get a look at the left wing. However, NASA officials declined the offer. On the day of February 1,2003, Columbia was making a normal landing approach to…

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  • A Narrative Essay On A Hero's Journey

    It was a normal summer day in the fields and meadows of a small country side, where a young boy lived by a particular creek, where magical things happen and dreams came true.When there was a breeze the water would mist onto the house,causing it to become a magical house for a magical and tough boy. His name is Floresis and as a young hero, only 17 years old, he can still pack a very brutal punch to whatever stands in his way. He would start off his day by polishing and shining his magic scythe,…

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  • Essay On Challenger Shuttle

    “If you lose military people during a military operation; it’s sad and it’s tragic, but they’re professionals doing a job… But you’re taking someone who’s not a professional and it happened to be that mission that got lost- it added to the shock.” said Chiao, a former astronaut. The shuttle Challenger had gone into space nine times before this mission. All nine of those missions had launched and landed properly without any trouble, so they were not expecting this shock. The Challenger shuttle…

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  • Space Shuttle Challenger Speech Analysis

    On January 28, 1986, heartbreaking tragic event of the Space Shuttle Challenger. The explosion of the Space Shuttle Challenger took the lives of beloved people; Michael Smith, Dick Scobee, Judith Resnik, Ronald McNair, Ellison Onizuka, Gregory Jarvis, and school teacher Sharon Christa McAuliffe. This event of the take-off was viewed by many Americans, including school children. President Ronald Reagan delivered a comforting and honoring speech, the “Shuttle Challenger Disaster Address.” In this…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis: The Speech On The Challenger Disaster

    On January 28TH 1986, President Ronald Reagan gave his speech famously known as “The Speech on the Challenger Disaster.” He gave this speech in a presidential, hopeful, and very American way. He acknowledges The Challenger Disaster in such a way to address the families of the lost and the school children whose teacher was involved in this terrible disaster. He also creates a positive opinion towards the United States Space Program. He continues to honor the astronauts and tries to help…

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