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  • Describe Coquina Beach

    decide to take a dip in the water, be sure to avoid swimming at the southern tip of the island, as the riptides are strong. This beach also features two public restrooms, a concession stand, multiple lifeguard towers, a shaded grilling and picnic area and a beachside pirate-themed playground. Manatee Beach This beach is close to the bridge and features a concession stand, volleyball courts, watersport rentals, and a playground that is perfect for young children. There are also several restaurants, shops and boutiques nearby. This beach is always teeming with activity. If you do not want to make use of the sand volleyball courts, you can try your luck at fishing from the shore or simply splashing around in the waves. Bradenton Beach You can reach Bradenton Beach from most side streets off of Gulf Drive. The beach stretches north from Coquina and Cortez beaches. This beach offers fabulous expansive views that extend far down the coastline. It is close to several casual dining establishments, ice cream parlors and quaint shops. There is a large shaded parking area, but it is advisable to arrive early, as this area is popular. Holmes Beach This beach is located at the center of the island in a mostly residential area. This is the beach you want to visit if you are looking for a quiet spot where you can get away from crowds of people. The beach features a stretch of sand where you can easily spend the day soaking in the sun or frolicking in the water. There is a shaded…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Becoming A Police Officer

    During the course of my lifetime, many thoughts have fathomed regarding what I wanted to do as a career. Security and surveillance have always been of high interest in my life. When I was told of the Department of Homeland Security, I thought that would be where I would want to work down the line. However, I no longer desire to work for the American Government in an organization like Homeland Security. My plan and desire now is to move to Toronto and become a Canadian citizen by the time I turn…

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  • Case Study: Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc.

    was not isolated in those areas because during the course of the next month, several other Chipotle locations around the country needed to be shut down in seven other states. Over eighty students became ill with norovirus due to food served at Boston College’s Chipotle. The spread of the norovirus in multiple locations sparked an investigation by the FBI. Over 234 confirmed cases of the patrons contracted the sickness. This was due to a negligent employee who handled raw poultry while sick.…

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  • Fishhawk Ranch Case Study

    decided yesterday where to buy your new home, or have time to deliberate between choices, we at ICI Homes can help you make that decision, especially if you’re targeting west Central Florida and the Tampa-St. Petersburg area. What would we do? Decide in favor of FishHawk Ranch! It’s an 4,400-acre master-planned community located in Lithia, just southeast of Tampa in Hillsborough County. ICI Homes is one of 12 builders active in FishHawk Ranch, and we build in the WestLake neighborhood. One…

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  • Daycare Center

    perform CPR or enforce lockdown procedures. Also, ask about the first-aid supplies on hand. • Lack of smoke detectors and fire extinguishers. A lack of child safety covers and latches for electrical outlets, cabinets, and any other areas should be noted. While you may be noticing that some things just don’t seem right, also consider what your child is telling you. Does turnover seem to be unusually high at the facility your child is attending? Is communication lacking from the teachers and…

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  • Naturalistic Observation Of A Coffee Shop

    research and establish cause and any effect relationships. By doing an observation of any behavior we’ll learn any behavior that goes around the world, we will able to retain any element of ecological validity because the situation being studied exists in the natural ecology of the species. It will help us establish any external validity of the research findings. By observing any behavior that occur in the real world, in real life it will very easy to say and explain the results of any general…

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  • Narrative Essay About Sabbatical Adventure

    about what is best for you in this matter. Last year you were the first not only to give but also have the desire to do so. Now finish the work so that your eager willingness to do it may be matched by your completion of it according to your means.” (2 Corinthians 8: 9-12) We returned and God continued to stir people to faith and prepare them to go out to minister. A year and a half later, the mining operation closed, and people moved to various communities, taking with them the ability to…

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  • Art Museum Research Paper

    evident during my visit because each gallery showcased the different regions with a timeline of the work from that region and how it all compared to each other. I can also say that some history can apply to the works as well because a lot of the oil paintings at the Ringling were of monarchs and some even portrayed a biblical storyline. Some of the works in each gallery were of the same story, but was painted by different artists. Some of the artists that were displayed at the museum were: Peter…

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  • David Beckham's Greatest Soccer Player

    three summers and became a champion as a child. David Beckham, a young and handsome soccer player, followed his passion for soccer all the way through. His parents were fans for the Manchester United and David inherited the love for the soccer team, making his main sporting passion soccer. As a child, David ran cross-country and usually the first to finish the races in the Essex cross-country championships. David tried out for a spot in the junior English league and he was rejected because…

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  • Public Schools Vs. Private Schools

    Recently I have interviewed a woman who once lived in France. Now residing in the United States of America, she was able to earn an education in both countries. Prior to conducting an interview, I researched France and its education system in order to familiarize myself with how it functions. Therefore, as she spoke to me about her schooling in France, I was able to follow along. There are certain facts she told that were fascinating, especially upon comparing them to the United states. Upon…

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