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  • Krafft-Ebbing Case Study

    term ‘fetishism’ to include what he described as ‘castration anxiety’. Castration anxiety describes the terror felt by the male sex when they discover that the women in their life, starting with their mothers, do not have a penis. Freud argues that boys are born thinking that everyone has a penis, females included, but when they realise that females don’t have one, they assume it has been cut off, and therefore, theirs would be cut off too. This leads to a phenomenon know as ‘castration…

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  • Narrative Essay About Baseball

    It all started when I was about 5 years old, I was a member of the boys and girls club of Decatur, IL. My mom signed me up to play baseball at the time I wasn’t really happy with her, I didn’t want to play a sport I didn’t know anything about. At the time I just wanted to play basketball and football two sports you could say I knew everything about. I studied the games I watched my favorite players play every day. I was like a sports reporter I knew everything there was to know about my favorite…

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  • Sports Vs. Academics

    From winning a trophy in recreational soccer as a child to getting a full ride to Florida State University on academics alone, there is a huge discussion on whether using sports or academics makes you a well-rounded person while growing up. Teachers, students, scientists, universities, and many others hold a stake in this debate. While conducting a poll on twitter, I found that 82% of people believe that playing sports while growing up makes you a more well-rounded individual. 68 people were…

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  • Media Influence On Youth Violence

    “I am a violent man who has learned not to be violent and regrets his violence.” ― John Lennon. There is a popular argument about the influence the media has over youth. Over the course of when America first began having picture televisions in their homes the times have changed immensely, especially the love for violence. As a result, what we see has increasingly gotten more violent on our televisions and with that our children are indirectly exposed to more violence now more than ever. However…

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  • Nonnuclear Family Structure

    biological father struggled with drug addiction and was imprisoned for drug, but never resumed a place in O’Neal’s life. His father later relinquished his parental rights to O’Neal’s stepfather. O’Neal found balance through sports at the Boys and Girls Club of America which kept him occupied and off the streets. Samuel L. Jackson, a well renowned actor, was raised without a father. Samuels’ father forfeited his obligations and responsibilities to his wife and grandparents. Samuel was the only…

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  • Intersectionality In Social Work

    Understanding intersectionality is something that is important in the practice of social work. One must be able to understand and deal with one’s clients and their specific positions in life and understand how all of their different identities and places in society interact with each other. However, before one can understand intersectionality in others, one must examine the different areas of one’s own life and how they interact to form a unique identity. I will examine my specific roles in life…

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  • How To Choose Your Career Options Essay

    STEP-TWO: KNOWING YOUR OPTIONS Knowing the countless number of post-secondary educational options that exists is a critical step in choosing a school and potential career that best suits your wants, needs and desires. Be sure to research institutions in your surrounding community that will provide you with a quality education but does not necessitate long travel times in order to attend. It is equally important to remain aware of any educational institutions that are looking to take advantage…

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  • Masculinity: Characteristics Culture And Gender Roles

    3. Masculinity (MAS: This refers to how many a society sticks with, and values, traditional male and female roles. High MAS scores are found in countries where men are expected to be "tough," to be the provider, and to be assertive. If women work outside the home, they tend to have separate professions from men. Low MAS scores do not reverse the gender roles. In a low MAS society, the roles are simply blurred. You see women and men working together equally across many professions. Men are…

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  • 1980's Influence On American Culture

    “I came here tonight and I didn 't know what to expect. I seen a lot of people hate me and I didn 't know what to feel about that so I guess I didn 't like you much none either,” a line uttered by Rocky Balboa to an audience full of Soviets after defeating the powerhouse Russian boxer, Ivan Drago. Films of the 1980’s relating to the Cold War era influenced culture in the United States more clearly than any other historical era depicted on the silver screen. It is important to know the background…

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  • Andrew J Eigert Endangered Species Analysis

    The main goal of the ecocentric Deep Ecology ecological movement is to end the dominantion and power relationships modern humans have over nonhuman Nature, and to set up realistic biological conditions under which the wild species and biodiversity of the earth can exist and flourish. The deep ecological approach to contesting Earth’s future is to distinguish between the vital and the nonvital needs of humans. The vital needs of nonhumans get priority before the non vital needs of humans. Deep…

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