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  • Narrative Criticism Of Women In The Film A League Of Their Own

    made that either support or defy society’s beliefs that women should be housewives and mothers. A League of Their Own is a classic time period film for the 1940s. To this day, this movie continues to inspire women in modern society. According to Box Office Mojo, the film has a “domestic total gross of $107,533,928, ranks number one in the baseball sports genre, and ranks number ten on the 1992 yearly chart.” Further, according to the online Metro News Toronto article by Victoria Ahearn, many…

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  • Tim Burton As An Auteur

    Tim Burton is known for his unique way of visualising a story and turning it into something terrifyingly magical. His quirky characteristics are consistently applied throughout his oeuvre, being widely recognised by audiences on a global scale. Thus, when looking at Burton’s 2010 adaption of Lewis Carroll’s novel Alice in Wonderland, his distinct style and directorial choices, particularly his artistic control over visual style and mise en scene, can be clearly identified and exemplified by…

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  • Disney Movie Up Analysis

    Most children’s movies are the same, offering mild humor with the same generic ending. Disney’s movie Up, is an animated adventure comedy. In the movie, Carl Fredrickson is an elder balloon salesmen who loses his wife. He wants to fulfill their dream of living in South America on Paradise Falls. He ties thousands of balloons to his house and heads off. During his trip he encounters many problems including a colorful bird, an annoying kid, talking dogs, and criminals. When first hearing about…

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  • Time Warner Case Study

    and Warner Communications, primarily a producer of film and television pro- gramming. To reduce debt, Time Warner sold 25 percent of Time Warner Entertain- ment (which included HBO, Warner Bros., and part of Time Warner Cable) to Media One Group. In 1996, Time Warner acquired Turner Broadcasting Systems, expanding its cable programming networks significantly. By the end of 1999, Time Warner had revenues in excess of $27 billion and net income of almost $2 billion. In January 2000, AOL and Time…

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  • Summary Of The Movie 'White Chicks'

    Michelle Han Tran Professor Thibodaux ENG 1157 3 December 2015 White Chicks: Farce and Purposeful Revenge of the Whiteface Controversy? When many people hear of the Wayans Brothers movie White Chicks, they would inevitably picture the humorous scene where Terry Crews, being the physically huge, prideful jock he is, ironically does gestures and lip-syncs to Vanessa Carlton’s “A Thousand Miles” on his car radio. Everyone around me adores this particular movie with a passion, often quoting…

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  • De Extinction In Jurassic Park

    In June of 1993, the much anticipated Jurassic Park was introduced to theaters everywhere, which, according to Box Office Mojo, generated over $47,000,000 in profits on its opening weekend alone. The movie, detailing mass panic as carnivorous dinosaurs, painstakingly brought back from extinction, break away from their artificial habits and wreak havoc on their keepers, both captivated and horrified the imagination of its viewers. Although the events portrayed by Jurassic Park have forever…

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  • Passion Of Christ Analysis

    Throughout the years the “Passion of the Christ” movies have been used to tell the story about Christ’s death and resurrection. Then in 2004 Mel Gibson made his version of the movie and as I like to say brought it in to the 21st century with updated graphics, violence, and blood. The combination of images, faith, and history this film truly was like no other Passion of Christ movie ever done. The Passion of the Christ is a serious and deep piece of cinematography, it not just show us how much…

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