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  • The Importance Of Nihilism In Grendel

    displays a nihilistic philosophy throughout the novel and ultimately this philosophy leaves him purposeless and plagues him with habitual boredom, therefore Grendel’s nihilism leads to his death because both of these factors lead him to crave death.…

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  • Destructive Or Tood In Henrik Ibsen's Hedda Gabler

    Although many of the actions taken by Hedda Gabler in Henrik Ibsen’s story “Hedda Gabler” can be seen as destructive and condemnable, her reasoning behind her actions is likely misunderstood. Hedda is forced to live a life that she does not particularly enjoy and that is far from what she would consider ideal. Her reaction to this lifestyle can be misinterpreted to be seen negatively, but in reality, she is reacting in a predictable way. Although often seen in a negative light, Hedda Gabler is…

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  • Neil Simon Relationship Essay

    this irony of relationships. In the present paper, I will scrutinize the comic prowess of Pulitzer Prize-winning comic playwright Neil Simon who uses humour as a ‘relief mechanism’ to grapple with the pain, dissatisfaction, burden and the routine boredom of relationships. His plays expose human weaknesses and make people laugh at themselves. He uses innovative comic techniques…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Transition Of High School Students

    school. Its no surprise that kids don 't enjoy school, and would rather be at the movies, or playing video games. But the underlining logic behind this boredom is worrisome and saddening. According to live science, about 75 percent of students indicate they are bored because the material being taught is not interesting. These same reasons for this boredom largely impacts the high amount of drop out rates among high schoolers. “The standard answer to the disengagement problem is that we need a…

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  • The Importance Of Paying Attention

    Paying attention for the past three days has changed my opinion on how I should live and view my life. Although technology in society is beneficial for many, new studies are showing that technology may be affecting us negatively too. Often times we lose essential part of our days because we become so immersed in our phones and gadgets. Paying attention has showed me that I am forgetting to slow down and take a breath in my busy days at Cal Poly. Often times I need the listen to my surroundings…

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  • Importance Of Animals In Zoos

    enjoys looking at them while they suffer from confinement, stress and boredom. Zoo keepers aren’t eager to explain animals’ stress behaviors to us, or they aren’t aware of these signs themselves. Head bobbing, rocking, sitting motionless, biting themselves, pacing backwards and forwards and trunk swaying are the signs of stress and boredom of animals you can actually see in zoos. These behaviors are caused by conditions like boredom, psychoses and depression. Therefore, I can consider zoos as…

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  • Chinese School System

    bored over time causing children to misbehave in class, in search of ways to entertain themselves. According to Peter Toohey, author of Boredom: A Lively History defines chronic boredom as a “potentially a dangerous emotion” that leads to students dropping out of high school. (Toohey 51). US students feel trap and are constantly at search for ways to escape boredom in…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Wii U

    My Wii U has saved me from boredom everywhere I turn. With it, I can get through a long night of boredom without having to take a break from studying though the system itself is rated badly in reality I think it is actually a great system that Nintendo has been using correctly. The idea of having two screens, one being the TV and the other the Wii U gamepad is a great idea that works especially if you don’t have access to the TV then you can just plug headphones into the gamepad and play using…

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  • Soren Kierkegaard Analysis

    life of their fields. This method requires a shift in perspective every time you become bored since, as ‘A’ says, “boredom is the root of all evil. . . The influence it exerts is altogether magical, except that it is not the influence of attraction, but of repulsion” (Solomon 8). ‘A’ makes the argument that boredom is what causes people to make poor and destructive choices. To avoid boredom and these poor decisions, one…

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  • Finding Flow Csikszentmihaly Summary

    back with gratitude of what they learned. Csikszentmihaly describes a chart that shows an octagon of different emotions a person might feel doing a challenge. The list includes arousal, worry, anxiety, apathy, boredom, relaxation, control, and flow. the chart shows anxiety, worry, apathy, boredom and relaxation on the low challenges list. Meanwhile on the high challenges, there is arousal, control, and…

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