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  • Sociological Observation

    about how to behave in a group.” (Rohall, Milkie, & Lucas, 2014)), and Values (“deeply held ideals and beliefs.” (Rohall, Milkie, & Lucas, 2014)) which play into the development of “self” within interaction. I will highlight specific groups that I saw in my immediate forward sector. Groups Processes and dynamics: Just as Group Process Scholars, with these observations, we are “interested in what happens when groups form” (Rohall, Milkie, & Lucas, 2014). Many of the groups lacked social…

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  • Reflection On A Group Presentation

    In our group presentation, there were areas where are presentation excelled and areas where our presentation could have been improved. Our transitions from one topic to the next lacked fluidity across the board. I struggled with reading the evidence I was using to support my claim which distracted me and the audience. Otherwise, the group was able to smooth talk about their topics without much issue. If we had practiced the speech once or twice, transitions between topics would have been more…

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  • Summary: Agency Overview And Border Protection

    U.S. Customs and Border Protection – Agency Overview and Career Opportunities The United States Customs and Border Protection exists as a subordinate organization within the Department of Homeland Security. Although U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) did not exist prior to the Homeland Security Act going into effect in 2003, the Customs and Border Protection still possess a rich history of previous forces that evolved into the modern Customs and Border Protection. The mission, budget,…

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  • Rohingya Refugees Research Paper

    Having lived in the Buddhist dominated Myanmar for centuries, the Rohingya are an ethnic group where most of them are Muslims. They are a neglected ethnic group where there are other 135 official ethnic groups in the country. They have been living stateless since 1982 in Myanmar because they have been denied citizenship. Savagely violent security forces forced the Rohingya to escape their homes in Rakhine State in Myanmar. They are facing major violations of human rights , their only option was…

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  • Rohingya Conflict

    Rohingya are a Muslim ethnic minority group that has lived in Myanmar for centuries. Today, more than a million of Rohingya people are living in Myanmar, mostly in the western coastal state of Rakhine. They use their own language, and they have their own culture. However, Rohingya people claim that they have a long historical connection to Rakhine State. There are many conflicts and clashes between the Rohingya and the government, as well as some other ethnic groups in Rakhine. When Myanmar…

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  • Rohingya Crisis Essay

    The Rohingya crisis The Rohingyas are an ethnic minority group in the western region of Myanmar, accounting for two thirds of the population of the Rakhine state. They are a religious and linguistic minority from western Myanmar according to the United Nations The 1 million Rohingyasare different from the Muslim majority linguistically, ethnically, culturally, and religiously. Myanmar was ruled by the military for over 50 years and during that time period it adopted a lot of racial policies…

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  • Essay On Southern Border

    The southern border separating the United States from Mexico is nothing more than a river to people that live and work in the area; imaginary lines that decide the fate of so many people. After the border came into existence, for many years life was as it had always been a constant ebb and flow of migratory workers. Before the morning of September 11, 2001, Americans understood the borders by the typical political sound bites on immigration. After that fateful day, The United States…

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  • Border Patrol Ethics Analysis

    Thesis Border Patrol Agents must perform their assigned duties with the highest morals, integrity, and ethics because the security of the United States of America is influenced by their actions. United States citizens rely on these agents to detect, apprehend, and deter illegal immigrants and harmful contraband from entering the country. When an agent performs corruptly and dishonestly, placing personal gain in front of the mission of the agency, the foundation of lawful ethics in which our…

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  • Group Observation Report

    on our group presentation and the work that led up to it. I will cover how are rules and norms contributed to how the group functioned. How the different roles we took contributed or took away from our group success. Just how far using your decision making and leaderships skills can take you within your group environments. I will also talk about how our group was effective what made it so, and what I learned from this experience. Finally, I will address just how cohesive we were as a group and…

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  • Ethnic Groups In America Case Study

    1. Why did people who lived in the US before get upset when new groups arrived? – People who lived in the U.S. before got upset when new groups arrived because it, “…seeds of new and serious social problems for American society and an acceleration of its social and structural breakdown” (2). In addition to a “structural breakdown,” it also made Americans worry that the United States was no longer prepared to manage its borders and therefore losing the idea of American standards. Americans also…

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