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  • Foundational Hardware Review Questions

    They simulate paper worksheets by displaying multiple cells that make a grid (id). TB-9. Describe at least four different tasks performed by an operating system. 1. Booting, the process of starting the computer operating system. It completes the checks of the start-up system so that it is ready to work. 2. Data security, which protects the data stored on the computer from illegal use, modification or deletion. 3. Disk…

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  • Analysis Of Raspberry Pi

    RASPBERRY PI Chapter 1 Introduction Raspberry Pi is a small, card sized computer manufactured and designed in the United Kingdom by the Raspberry-pi foundations with intention of teaching basic computer science to school students and every other person interested in learning computer hardware, programming and DIY-Do-it Yourself projects. The Raspberry Pi have Broadcom BCM2835 system on a chip (SoC), including an ARM1176JZF-S 700 MHz…

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  • Raspberry Pi Essay

    The performance analysis of Raspberry Pi [16] Raspberry Pi is a credit card sized computer. It’s basically a small PC which provides all the basic functions that are provided by a desktop PC. For example, it provides functions like word processing, gaming and playing audio/video. It has become a widely used device for learning programming since last one year. The Raspberry Pi is a 3.370 X 2.125 motherboard with a 700 MHz CPU and a 250 MHz GPU. The Ethernet LAN port is present for internet and…

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  • Higher Level Thinking

    INTRODUCTION Teachers need to help students boost their thinking skills. The traditional teaching strategy is no longer effective as it does not motivate students to become higher-level thinkers. In traditional group learning, students work in groups with no attention paid to group functioning. In contrast, group work in cooperative learning is systematically prepared, structured, and monitored. Research shows that cooperative learning has numerous positive outcomes. At the academic level, it…

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