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  • Donald S. Whitney's Spiritual Discipline Of The Christian Life

    change and grow, and to make that work happen, we have to develop disciplines that will take root in our lives, so that Christ will ultimately change us and grow us as we seek to follow and please him. This paper is going to be a book review of Donald S. Whitney’s book, “Spiritual Disciplines of the Christian Life”. Whitney dives into the subject of spiritual disciplines and looks to scripture bringing up many key points that make the easy to understand for the reader and he gives practical…

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  • Positive Guidance: The Six Life Skills

    There are many different types of books or journals that can be made to help show their growth and hopes for the future. Some of these books are the important book that shows each of the children’s unique and special qualities, how I am growing journal that records the child’s stepping stones and hope books that talks about what they hope will happen in the future. Children can help make a helping hands tree to show how…

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  • Library Card Essay

    On a late Thursday afternoon, I thought it would be have been a nice day to go library and get some books. Being a geeky teenage girl, I love to read anything from a mystery to a good thriller. My day started off great! A big bowl of Frosted Flakes, a bright early morning and a little bit of television. Nothing could go wrong… or could it? “Oh crap, where’s my library card”.I yelled in frustration. I began to search through all my pockets and in between my father’s car seats.After fifteen…

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  • The Importance Of Picture Books In Private, By Anthony Browne

    well-known author due to his picture books – he has approximately forty picture books to his name-. Among them, The Tunnel is an appropriate example to be considered so as to show the importance of reading picture books. As Browne states “I hope to encourage more children to discover and love reading, but I want to focus particularly on the appreciation of picture books, and the reading of both pictures and words. Picture books are for everybody at any age, not books to be left behind as we grow…

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  • Embedded Intervention: Classroom Observation

    they are in the transition period of becoming more independent. When two students, one being Angelina, were struggling to get their books on the correct shelf. Ms. Collman used verbal…

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  • Gender Stereotypes In Alan Moore's Watchmen

    brilliant job at portraying his sordid depiction of twentieth century life. Unlike most other comics Watchmen was based on realistic sexual activities and feelings, political situations, and a superheroes realistic effect on the world they live in. The book begins eight years after the Keene Act was passed, which was a law that outlawed all masked vigilantes and the only active superheroes are Dr. Manhattan, and the Comedian, who still work for the US Government and Rorschach who fights crime…

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  • My Literacy Experience

    paperbacks on the rotating display racks. I was a voracious reader of authors in the order of V.C. Andrews, Lois Duncan, and S.E. Hinton. My books of choice were accessible and largely for entertainment purposes only. I loved inspecting the cover art and flipping through the pages. The internet was not around to occupy my time in the early 80's. I employed books to escape from my reality. I was a typical teenager living in an isolated Texas town with few distractions.…

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  • Character Analysis Of Min Randall In Jean Little's Dancing Through The Snow

    In the book, Dancing Through the Snow, by Jean Little, there are many different events that happen. These events, both small and big, leave you wanting to read more. In the book, the main character is a 12 year old girl named Min Randall. She has no family or no home, she is a foster child who is always jumping from house to house. Not after long, Min was back at Children’s Aid and this time it was a week before Christmas. Min, with no hope left, became very sad. Jess Hart was a former doctor…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Role As A Mentor

    Being part of a library means you spend your time helping others and sharing knowledge for a specific reason requested, whether you are assisting a patron or a colleague. One of the primary goals of being a part of a library, whether it is public, academic, special, or other types, is to be able to freely share information, resources, and access with people across the spectrum, regardless of who they are. In addition to these aspects being a part of our job, we respect the notion of learning and…

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  • Banning Books In Schools

    to ban books from schools because some people find the books inappropriate for containing religious beliefs, homosexuality, offensive language and sexually explicit scenes or descriptions (Lopez). If books can be sold and produce then they should be allowed in libraries. Some books could even educate not only kids but also adults. Everyone has the right to read what they want to read when they are at the library. There is also one week a month that is referred to Banned and Challenged Book Week…

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