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  • Writings In Kid's Stuff, By Michael Chabon

    In “Kid’s Stuff” by Michael Chabon, the author is trying to explain to the audience how the writing of comics must be changed in order to appeal to modern day children. Originally, the goal of a comic book writer was to appeal to adults and to get readers to think of comics as a legitimate source of literature instead of something that kids read to pass the time. In the process of doing so, kids stopped reading comics as much. While some adults picked comics up, the sales numbers went down over…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Passion For Books

    For a long time I had absolutely no interest in books and even less interest in writing. No one encouraged me to read or write, no one cared. My passion for books was purely accidental and effortless. It sparked and bursted to life, burning like a forest fire over night. Learning how to read wasn’t difficult for me, I just didn’t care. While I went through first grade I never picked up a book and tried to read, I would just stare at the pictures; they were more interesting. I was in Germany at…

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  • Special Collections Visit

    Special Collections Visit The three-hundred and ninety-five-page book that I surveyed, titled Della Espositione Sopra L’orlando, was published June, 1550 (originally written in roman numerals MDL) by a person named Lorenzo Torrentino. A person by the initials of “U.R.S” was the author and the colophons, mentioned the printer’s name, “DV Cale”. This book was written in purely Italian and was paginated, and its size was fairly small, identifying it as an octavo. The title page included the…

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  • Freaks Like Us By Susan Vaught: Personal Analysis

    why I adore words so much. My favorite example of communicating that “complex emotion” part is a book called Freaks Like Us, by Susan Vaught. The Public Library Teen Summer Reading Challenge decreed I read it the summer going into eighth grade, and earned the title of “first book to make me sob uncontrollably”. It’s about a schizophrenic boy everyone calls Freak. He’s suicidal. Readers feel the book, a decisive lack of adjectives form intense backgrounds and long sections omitting punctuation…

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  • Determine Steel Corporation Case Study Summary

    SUMMARY This Case Based report consists a brief introduction Bethlehem Steel Corporation, timeline, facts and SWOT analysis of the Bethlehem Steel Corporation. The data was limited as the business grew in the older times. The data is taken mainly from books and news articles. Recommendation that could improve the situation of Bethlehem Steel Corporation has been given in the end. INTRODUCTION In 1904, the Bethlehem Steel Corporation (also known as Bethlehem Steel) was a steel as well as…

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  • Rodot Lizad: A Short Story

    got up, she wrote down what she remembered of the dream, and titled the printer-paper booklet 'Rodot Lizard '. This would be her first of many small, sloppy stories. If you look back at that story, it seems a little far-fetched. A child writing a book?....for her own amusement? can 't be real, right? Well, let me be the first to tell you, it is very much real. I am that little girl, thirteen years in the future, and I still have a copy of that booklet I wrote. Given, it 's not exactly…

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  • Growth Of Ebooks Essay

    With the constantly changing trends of the rise of printed books and stagnant growth of ebooks, the fields for both books and ebooks’ capitals remain the same as it always have been, “A field is a structured space of social position which can be occupied by agents and organizations, and in which the position of any agent or organization depends on the type and quantity of resources or ‘capital’ they have at their disposal.” (Thompson 3-4). The field is the specific structure of a publishing…

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  • Suicide In J. K. Rowling's Thirteen Reasons Why

    long ago, but the first books I read were books with pictures and very little words. In about the second grade I started reading The Magic Tree House series by Mary Pope Osborne up until halfway through the fourth grade. The next series of books I fell in love with was R. L. Stine’s Goosebumps series, which lasted throughout the sixth grade. In middle school, I started to read J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series. My favorite types of books are book series. I do enjoy books that don’t have…

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  • To Kill A Mockingbird Essential Questions

    There has been a grand total of 129,864,880 books published ever. All of these fall into the category of essential questions that I have learned. Some of the books also contain some of the essential questions that I have found interesting. This year in english class we read Night by Elie Wiesel and the novel contains the essential question of seeking justice and bearing witness about terrible things that have happened like the holocaust and to promote what happened so the act can be prevented…

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  • Assisted Suicide Thesis

    some articles online and went to two local libraries. I used the search engine Google and at the libraries I used Destiny Library Book Search, which is the system both libraries use to catalog their books. At my high school’s library, our librarian helped me find the two books I wanted. At the public library in town, I had no help from the librarians finding the book. Gregory, Andrew. "We Don 't Let Our…

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