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  • How Is Fahrenheit 451 Relevant Today

    a world where books are forbidden, and watching television, almost all the time, was supported majorly in your society. Sounds good right? WRONG! Ironically, in the book Fahrenheit 451, that's exactly how it was. This book was based on the future, and what Ray Bradbury thought it was to be like based upon the habits of the youth during his time. The people in this book, are very similar to the people today, but the only variation between the people today and the people in the book is, the people…

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  • Personal Narrative: Are You Reading Enough

    would love to go to the library, go to bookstores, or when I would go into a store I would always pick up a book or magazine and start reading. I still do really love reading, but I hardly have any time to anymore, my schedule is school, practice, home, homework, then sleep. But when I do have free time I try to read a book. This year I have only read two and a half books, usually I read five books in one year. Next year I plan to read at least five again because when I read an article…

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  • How Classical Literature Changed My Life

    young adult books captivated me with what, at the time, were intriguing and comprehensible plot lines. Thus began my love affair with books. Eventually, those plot lines became my adversary, when their simplicity triggered a soporific rendition of the book. It persisted until the gifts of classical literature unwrapped as I learned to penetrate, explore, and discover meanings in, for example, Dickens’ lengthy description of a clock tower did I truly find my beloved. Although young adult books…

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  • Books Should Be Banned Research Paper

    Essay #2 Censorship and Banned Books A person that challenges a book so it will get banned is foolish, ignorant ,and absurd. The American Library Association defines a Challenge to literature as an attempt by a person or a group of people to have literature restricted or removed from a public library or a school curriculum . Challenging a book is making a book more famous, because people now become curious and wonder why it's being challenged. People that want a book banned and decide to…

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  • Why I Want To Read

    the years about the types of books you have read, you can see what got you where you are today. When I was really young, my parents would always read to me; even when I couldn’t understand what was going on. They continued to read to me up to the ages of picture books and pop-up books. After a while, I eventually learned to read by myself, with much help from my parents. Once I learned, I wanted to read all the time. During this time I read lots of books by Dr. Seuss, such as…

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  • Creative Writing: The Book Thief Liesel Meminger

    The only time I could escape was when I snuggled down with a good book and let my imagination fly free with the Wicked Witch of the West, a horse called Misty, the book thief Liesel Meminger, and Lucy, the youngest of the Pevensies. However, as I grew older, I read less for enjoyment and more for school. I’m not a book nerd--I don’t even think I’m a nerd at all. Take my older sister, Lillian. Now, she was the book nerd of the family. She finished the Anne of Green Gables series when she…

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  • Why Do Books Be Banned

    If you were a parent are there any children’s books you would ban your kids from reading? There are hundreds of children’s books that are banned for small things. Most are banned for containing some form of LGBT content. The word “Banned” can mean many things but i’m focusing on how books aren’t shown to kids in certain libraries and/or they’re very disputed over. I feel it’s wrong to ban children from reading any form of children’s book. If it wasn’t okay for children to read it wouldn’t be…

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  • Captain America Thesis

    second grade, I set out to read as many books as I could from the school library with the goal of completing them all before leaving for junior high. About halfway through this quest, I stumbled upon comic books tucked away in a dusty corner. This is where I discovered superheros; Captain America was my favorite. By the time I was nine years old and the movie came out, I finished reading all my meager school had to offer. Who knew something as trivial as a comic book character could help shape…

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  • Mr. Penumbra's Hi: A Literary Analysis

    Day by day, new technology and different ways of using it is being thought of. The way technological change is developing many people find themselves struggling to keep up or deciding if they even want to adjust to the change taking place. In the article “Apocalypse Soon” by Jon Evans, and the novel Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore by Robert Sloan, the rapid change in technology is shown as both a positive and negative development. It is up to individuals to decide if they would rather adapt to…

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  • Why Students Should Read The Diary Of Anne Frank

    read the diary. Although some think that The Diary of Anne Frank is boring and should not be read, students should read this book because it is a first hand account of the Holocaust, it shows what the Jewish people had to go through to survive, and students can relate to the author. Students should definitely read this book. One reason why students should read this book is because it is a first hand account of the Holocaust. Secondary…

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