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  • 5C Credit Analysis: Case Study Of 7-11 Corporation

    a) Introduction The CEO of 7-11 Industry have approach our bank to apply for 2 term loan for the purpose of purchase property. To evaluate our customer, our report is using the 5C credit analysis. 5C include character, which is the willingness of customer to repay. Capacity, the ability of customer to repay and capital, how much does the shareholder or directors inject money in their project. Condition is will the economy affect the condition of the company? For collateral is a security to the…

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  • Bharat Electronics Limited Case Study

    The stocks chosen by me for this project are: Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) - NSE: BEL - Sector : Electricals State Bank Of India (SBI) - NSE: SBIN - Sector : Banks-Public Sector Trading day 1 - 18 Aug, 2017 Decision - Bought BEL - Rs.182.25, SBI - 278.50 Reasons for buying BEL stocks: 68.19% promoter holding by president of India as reported by the company on 31 march 2017. BEL’s long term debt to equity ratio for the last 5 financial years has been 0 which means the company has been…

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  • The Importance Of Option And European Options

    According to Hull, J (Options, Futures and other derivatives: page 7); Options are traded both on exchanges and in the over-the-counter markets. There are two types of option; there is a Call Option and Put Options. The Call Option gives the owner the ability to trade a specified amount of products at a fixed price; and the put option is option which gives the owner the right to sell the underlying asset by a certain date for a certain price. And there are styles of options: American Options and…

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  • Lifestyle Manager Case Study

    Who are lifestyle managers and why are they needed? Who are lifestyle managers and why are they needed? Many banks have already promised to supplement their service packs private banking (service for VIP clients) with offers that are far from being of a banking nature. It's about the services of concierges and lifestyle managers. Accordingly, the market of these specialists, which in recent years has begun to develop timidly, will grow many times in the coming months. However, this does not mean…

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  • Global Depositary Receipts Case Study

    Global Depositary Receipts (GDR) 1. Characteristics Global depository Receipts (GDRs) means a security which accords a right to the registered holder to own a prescribed quantity of securities issued by a listed issuer, and which security is issued outside the jurisdiction of the United States of America. They are instruments that do not listed on US exchange but most commonly exchanges in London or Luxembourg .The characteristics of Global Depositary Receipts (GDR) are it is a secured…

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  • Financial Meltdown In The Film The Inside Job

    6. The film the Inside Job highlights many deficiencies at all levels that contributed to the financial meltdown. Actions could have been taken in order to avert the meltdown. The public ratings agencies such as Standard & Poor’s or Moody’s should have been accurately rating companies and investments rather than being concerned about protecting their business. It’s ridiculous that representatives would claim that their ratings are merely “opinions” and that they had no responsibility.…

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  • Explain When Is The Right Time To Redeem Your Funds?

    When is the right time to redeem your funds? Most of us are careful while making investments. Redemption of funds are equally important and will decide your total return from the investment. We have the tendency to seek excitement and action in what we do, so is the case with investments. Every time investments generate decent amount of returns due to Bull Run in the stock market, we tend to think, “Should I start booking the profit and exit from the market”? We have also seen instances where…

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  • Janus Henderson Enterprise Company Case Study

    Janus Henderson Enterprise Fund (JDMAX) is a major fund management business that strives towards a long-term growth of capital. The business is a merge between Henderson Group and Janus Capital Group. It is a Class C mutual fund. It has a minimum investment of $2,500.00 and has a five start overall rating from Morningstar. Each fund has different ways that the risks can be evaluated. One way that a risk can be evaluated is through beta. Beta describes how much the fund’s price moves in…

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  • Hdfc Bank Innovation Analysis

    Innovation HDFC Bank works in a profoundly mechanized environment as far as data innovation and correspondence frameworks. All the bank 's offices have online network, which empowers the bank to offer expedient assets exchange offices to its clients. Multi-branch access is additionally given to retail clients through the branch arrange and Automated Teller Machines (ATMs). The Bank has attempted generous endeavors and interests in securing the best innovation accessible universally, to…

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  • State Bank Of Hyderabad Personal Loan Case Study

    158. State Bank of Hyderabad Personal Loan EMI Calculator State Bank of Hyderabad is a subsidiary of State Bank of India. The bank offers personal loans at low interest rates that can be paid back over a period of time. These loans can be taken for meeting all immediate expenses such as weddings, education, medical emergencies, travel and other unexpected expenses. All that the applicant needs to do is check their eligibility, submit the documents and avail the loan. Features of State Bank of…

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