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  • The Effects Of Body Modification In South Korea

    Introduction In South Korea there is a strange dichotomy when it comes to body modification and the ways that citizens may choose to alter their appearance. whether temporarily or permanently. In South Korea as a whole. there is somewhat of a social standard that one is expected to uphold while they move throughout society. This standard is that your looks do not stray too far off from those of the general population. In other words. any modifications should be subtle and virtually unnoticeable.…

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  • The Dangers Of Tattooing

    These days, it seems that in every crowd of people you can find someone sporting at least one tattoo. Once the “mark” of criminals and sailors, body art today has become increasingly more accepted in mainstream society. However, the very act of getting a tattoo separates one from others who have eschewed permanently marking their bodies. The reasons for getting a tattoo are varied, with the common underlying urge for self-expression and individuality as the main impetus. There are approximately…

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  • Body Modification In Women

    most dominant methods of body modification in society today. In other countries, such as Africa and Thailand, other types of body modifications are used to achieve the…

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  • On Teenagers And Tattoos, A. Martin MD.

    explains some of the reasons why tattoos and piercings are seemingly gaining more popularity with urban youth. Martin MD makes the point that legislation to curtail professional tattooing of minors, teenagers have turned to homemade or what is referred to as “jailhouse” or “self-made” tattoos (Martin MD, 2012 pg. 320). It is alleged that teenagers may desire to obtain body decoration for a variety of reasons. Some benign reasons teens decide to get piercings and tattoos is to establish an…

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  • Tattoo Marks In Africa

    Laceration, piercing and tattooing of the body is found in many parts of the world, they used to common in Africa but they are phasing out but now it is a major fad in the west. The current craze for tattooing, piercing and other forms of lacerations are not at all new. These are all revived ancient customs. Religious, traditional, decorative and tribal scarification or marks were common in the ancient world too. In some regions every ethnic or tribal group have their unique marks. Sometimes…

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  • Individualism In Workplace

    A tattoo is a mark on an individual 's body which is an ingrained design by inserting pigment punctures into the skin. It is an ancient art that is still expressed to this day and is becoming more common. It is a form of self-expression, a reminder of something, or anything the artwork is portrayed as to the canvas. As it is turning more popular in today’s culture, there is an uproar in the profession spectrum. There is a debate as to rather if having tattoos in the workplace is acceptable, or…

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  • Anti Tattoo Discrimination In The Workplace

    protected by job discrimination laws, there are numerous petitions that are being organized to protect the people with tattoos and piercings from losing their jobs. In the LinkedIn article, Tattoos in the workplace, are they really taboo in 2015, by Sally Pearman, the view of tattoos in the workplace are further argued. She asks the question: “Does having a tattoo or piercing really impact your value as an employee?” She states that even though more people are becoming accepting of tattoos,…

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  • Essay On Why People Get Tattoos

    today’s generation body art should not be judged because it is seen on all types of people, for all types of reasons. A study done by Liu and Lester (2012) conducted a survey, to see in what location people got a tattoo and why. Liu and Lester (2012) states “Out of the 4,690 responses (2,078 men, 2,581 women, and 31 “other”), 18.6% were 18 years old or younger, 70.8% were between 19 and 30, and 10.6% were older than 30” (p. 22). After conducting the survey, results show “More body modifications…

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  • Tattoos Should Be Allowed In The Workplace Essay

    Mixing Pens and Ink Most people probably have heard some controversy about tattoos being a taboo in the workplace. More than not, businesses tend to enforce rules that require employees who are sporting tattoos to cover them up completely while they are at work. Some people say this is so to not offend anyone by viewing the tattoos. Tattoos have been deemed unprofessional, and to some people, tattoos are something that should never be visible at work or in a professional setting; however, to…

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  • Body Image Essay

    The Study of Body Image from Multidisciplinary Perspectives Body image is a psychological and personal representation of one’s own physique that includes someone who analyzes one’s body from head to toe. An image of one’s self can be implemented by both positive and negative thoughts of how people portray themselves. Generally, people struggle with their own physique because they want to live up to their societies standards. Because of this issue, both men and women torture their bodies to look…

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