Body mass index

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  • What Is The Cause Of Obesity

    Obesity is taking the world by storm. It is becoming more and more popular, but it is also becoming more and more preventable. In the past ten years alone, obesity statistics have at least doubled and in some age groups, tripled. Along with the increase in the statistics, the amount of solutions to the problem has also doubled. Obesity has always been a problem throughout time, but it is more of a modern day problem. The main cause of obesity is simply that people aren’t aware of the problem.…

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  • Causes And Effects Of Obesity

    In the United States a problem that is becoming more problematic is obesity, as it is becoming more prevalent and the amount of deaths related to it are increasing. The affects of obesity are also a problem because of its causes on the human body and its correlation with heart problems, cancer, diabetes, etc. A recent study shows, that of the United States adult population, more than a third are considered obese and this number continues to rise (Gore, Diallo, & Padilla, 2015). One of the major…

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  • Sample Health Analysis Example

    60%, which makes my target heart rate 120.6 beats per minute. My goal is to be able to reach 75% up to 90% which will then make my goal range 150.75 - 180.9 bpm. I then decided to calculate my body mass index (BMI) online which concluded to 30.2. I range between overweight and obese; a healthy body mass index will be between 18.25 and 24.9, according to WebMD. Lastly I calculated my blood pressure at a local mall. I came…

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  • Adequate Protein Intake In Older Adults

    With age, protein intake becomes vital for our health. As we age, our bodies begin to change and require an ample amount of protein to be healthy. The protein requirements for “men and women, ages 19 and older, is .80 g of protein” (Chernoff, 2014). It is necessary that older adults consume about 7 grams of protein for every 20 pounds of their body weight. This can be achieved by eating certain foods that are high in protein. Nuts, cheese, pasta, beans, yogurt, and turkey are all examples of…

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  • Sarcopenia Case Studies

    involuntary loss of skeletal muscle mass and strength and/or function. The presence of sarcopenia in patients with Parkinson’s disease (PD) may have prognostic effects and may be mistaken for poor therapeutic control of PD. We aimed to evaluate sarcopenia in patients with PD. METHODS: One hundred non-demented PD patients, and 95 healthy subjects were included in the study. Avarage-Muscle mass, weight, bone mass, fat mass, basal metabolism rate (BMR), body mass index (BMI) of PD and control…

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  • Raising Healthy Children

    children to eat more fruits and vegetables. On the first day of implementation, teachers will use the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) index chart to record information like the children’s date of birth, gender, and date of measurement, height and weight. They will also use the CDC’s BMI calculator to calculate the body mass index (BMI) of each student. Based on the score of child they will identify those who are either overweight or are at the risk if being…

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  • Advantages Of Wellness Programs

    Advantages of Wellness Programs In Corporations America is facing an epidemic and scientists have been monitoring it for four decades. It’s affecting 75% of all Americans who are either overweight or obese (Wang, 2007). It is making the people sick, affecting their performance, and it is increasing the healthcare expenses. Many factors contribute to this epidemic, and one of the major reasons relates to lifestyle choices. Research suggests corporations should adopt a wellness program because it…

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  • Obesity Problem Statement

    Martin, Dhurandhar, Bredlau, Heymsfield, Ravussin, & Bouchard, 2014). People who are obese and overweight are more likely to have high-risk factors for heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, and more (Bhattacharya, 2013). Adopting a policy for body mass index (BMI) reporting program, labeling of all foods and beverages to promote consumer awareness of calories, as well as taxes on sugar-sweetened beverages will provide means of reducing the prevalence of obesity and overweight. Background of…

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  • Analytical Essay: Women In The Infantry

    Women in the Infantry Fueled by political correctness and the urgent rush to re-event the entire Military structure that’s already won many wars. It is the sudden implement of women in the Infantry. For many years our military has been successful with the way it has been established. Being all for equal opportunity myself, personal I feel from experience and facts women should not be in the Infantry. Women do not possess the same physical standards and capability to accomplish the mission.…

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  • Pathophysiologic Disease In America

    Pathophysiology is the functional changes associated with a disease or syndrome. What is obesity though? How can someone realize they are not overweight, but obese? Body mass which exceeds over 30 indicates the patient is obese. Obesity is having an excessive amount of body fat. For example, a person who is 5’2 and is about 200 pounds (muscle mass not included) is obese. What is the actual definition of a disease? A disorder which affects a person 's everyday life is known as a disease. A…

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